Me Made May – Week 1

Welcome to week one of my Me Made May project!

A couple of disclaimers: I make clothes because I love handmade!! I love the process of making, I love how you can sew a seam and turn it right side out and see something so clean, and I love the discovery process about what looks good and what designs are right for me, etc! This isn’t about taking pictures of myself everyday and “showing off!” It’s about my discovery journey about good handcraft and learning how to be excellent and skillful in making! There is nothing that teaches me more patience than sewing and altering clothes. For sure!!!


Thank you for enjoying the journey with me!

Here’s my May 2nd through May 8th (see May 1st in this post HERE):


May 2nd: Dottie Angel Frock with Rhoda Ruth fabrics

May 3rd: Heather Ross Weekend Sewing Summer Blouse with Amy Butler Voile

May 4th: Essential A-Line Skirt (Jona G.) with Carrie Bloomston Paint fabric

May 5th: Blanc T-Shirt (Melly Sews) with Gertie’s knits

May 6th: Noodlehead dress from Handmade Style with Wanderer Voile (April Rhodes)

and Sew Serendipity blouse with Cotton and Steel Lawn fabric

May 7th: Stylish Dress Book dress with linen from JoAnn fabrics and Maureen Cracknell fabric pockets

May 8th: Deborah Moebes Stitch by Stitch skirt with Art Gallery Solids

Happy Monday!!



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