Me Made May – the beginning


Here’s a fun challenge in which I’m taking part this month!!

Me Made May 2016

For me, it will be about wearing handmade as many days as I can in the month of May! I started yesterday out with a new shirt that I made using this book…


It was the last shirt pattern in the book, and I love the look on the cute little itty bitty skinny model from Japan!


But, I know me. And I know even though I’m getting a cute little itty bitty skinny body (go, Weight Watchers and strength training!), the style would make me feel bigger than I am. So I modified it a bit:


I added ties and darts in the back to cinch it up.


I adore this double gauze fabric designed by Nani Iro.


The patterns are adorable, but some of them just don’t fit my body type.

I just need a million more hours to make clothes! I adore it!!


And these shoes (and kitty) match all of my handmade clothes, of course!

Have you joined this clothes-making movement? I have a stack of fun projects that need to get done in the next few weeks!!! So fun! and with a deadline…they’ll get done!

Happy Monday!!!

I’ll update weekly on Monday with all of my fun handmade wearable goodness!



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