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Ohhh quick one here! I am a bit behind this week trying to catch up with being on vacation for a week!!

So this week, I read on the "Love and Respect" blog a cool list that I thought I would share with you today!!! Before I share that, I just want to encourage all of you wives to spend 5 minutes telling your husbands what you RESPECT about them!! (Make something up if you really can't think of something…but I'm sure there is something you respect!! 🙂 ) Remember, this is God's command to us in Ephesians 5:33…"Wives must respect their husbands!" If you are a husband, take 5 minutes to tell your wife what you LOVE about her!! She will LOVE it!! (and she will probably respect you for it, too!!) 


Here's some scientific evidence that marriage ROCKS!!!

Maggie Gallagher and Linda J. Waite, authors of The Case for Marriage, reviewed the scientific evidence on the effects of marriage, and found the evidence strongly supports sticking to these marriage vows (Maggie Gallagher "Why Marriage is Good for You." City Journal ((Autumn, 2000))

In summary, this is what they found.

• Marriage lowers the risk of violence. Unmarried couples who live together engage in more domestic violence than the married.

• Married people live healthier and longer lives. Nine out of ten married men who are alive at 48 will make it to age 65, compared with just six in ten of single men. 

• Children live healthier and longer lives. A parent's divorce can lessen by four years an adult child's life. 

• The married earn more money. Married men make as much as 40 percent more money than unmarried men. 

• The married manage money better and build more assets than those who cohabitate. Near retirement, the average married couple is worth about $410,000, compared with $154,000 for the divorced and $167,000 for the never-married. 

• The married are more faithful to each other. “Cohabiting men are four times more likely to cheat than husbands, and cohabiting women are eight times more likely to cheat than wives.” 

• Marriage is better for you mentally and emotionally. The married are less depressed, anxious, and psychologically stressed. 

• The married are happier. “Overall, 40 percent of married people, compared with about a quarter of singles or cohabitors, say they are ‘very happy’ with life in general. We shouldn’t say, ‘divorce or be unhappy’ but ‘divorce and be unhappy.’” 

• Children love their married parents more. “Adult children of divorce describe relationships with both their mother and their father less positively, on average, and they are about 40 percent less likely than adults from intact marriages to say they see either parent at least several times a week.” 

• The married have better and more frequent sex. “Single men are 20 times more likely, and single women ten times more likely, not to have had sex even once in the past year than the married.”

To read the rest of the scientists' observations, check out the Love and Respect BLOG here!!!

I choose marriage, personally!! 🙂 you know me and mr gorgeous…*sigh* I love him! and respect him!


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