Handprints and Houses


Isn’t the earth a beautiful place?

Even in winter, it’s gorgeous!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I was in Wyoming in January. It was stunning to drive through the Flaming Gorge (as much as I could before the road was full of snow!!) and see the amazing scenery!

Be forewarned…you will see a bunch of photos of my time there popping in here and there.


I hope you have signed up for my newsletter. I sent out my first Tape Recorder Sessions newsletter on Monday morning. Did you enjoy it? Were you inspired by it? It wasn’t but an hour later that life was hitting me, and I remembered to put the new tape in my head!! Being thankful always changes my attitude for sure.

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Here’s a quilt I made in December for the bassist in our band (Brazos River Turnaround – shameless plug here!!).


He wanted to have a quilt made with blocks on which each family member’s hands would be embroidered. Even his mom’s!! So he surreptitiously got everyone’s handprints and signatures and the rest is history!


I used music fabric for the sashing because his mom is a choir director. And I used Tim Holtz’s Eclectic Elements fabrics for the borders around each embroidered block.

The meandering quilting was super fun especially after the quilt was washed. I’m loving me a crinkly quilt!


I also added three blocks with homes on there and embroidered three “home” quotes. (Don’t tell, but they are really there just in case someone has another baby and they want to include them on the quilt!!)


It was a super fun quilt to design and work on and finish!!

(gotta love those nighttime pics after the “washing of the quilt”!!)

What other things are you inspired by? What are you working on? Feel free to leave comments here on the blog!! I’d love to get to know you better, too!

Tune in tomorrow to see this week’s wild UFO!! Have a great week!!



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