A quick springy windblown thought…


Are you ready for spring???

I’ve been going a little wild in the convertible since our best friend Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on that fateful day at the beginning of last month!

Convertibles are fun…but they mess up your hair…


I have a lot of hair. I mean, a lot!! And usually when I drive (or ride in) the mustang, I put my hair up. But sometimes, I just let it go free knowing full well it’s going to be a tangled mess when I get home.


For me, life is like that! Things, like even quilting, are messy! They are very fun, too! Am I willing to deal with my mess to have the fun?

When it comes to the Mustang, uh, yeah…I’m willing to buy another bottle of detangler in order to live life outloud in the open air!


I’m willing to clean up my craft studio after creating…I’m willing to iron fabric in order to embroider on a clean piece of material…I’m willing to learn how to free motion quilt in order to have sweet little inspirational mini quilts like this one in this post!

Welcome, Spring!! We are so glad you are here! (My hair, though! LOL!!)



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