Filling in the Spaces – sewing WIPs


Summer creative fun…

I noticed something about myself in the last six months: I love to stay busy, busy! When I don't have a million deadlines, I tend to lounge on the plethora of couches in our house. 

This is not a particularly good thing!! I mean, a good rest time is always really important and should be an integrated time in our lives, right?

But unmitigated lazy times that just happen – not so good!

So, to counter balance the time that I set aside to make things for the wedding and the waiting for my wedding creating instructions, I threw a bunch of little projects together; ie, I started a bunch of little projects! 

They are pretty much still WIPs. I finished two that I'll show you tomorrow.


Little snack mats for the shop


a hope-filled table topper or wall hanging for the shop


a cute snack mat for the shop to remember to cherish every moment…

These are just a few of the goings on in my craft studio!

I have some other ongoing projects in the house this summer: Signing my son up for dual credit hours at the local community college, researching and taking classes to work with my ADHD daughter to increase her ability to focus, learning how to eat healthy, losing weight, and taking care of the many, many blessings the Lord has given us!!!


Sounds busy, huh? So better than becoming a puddle on the couch, right?

Stay tuned for more wildness, including a wild birthday party and grand re-opening of the store in August! yay!!




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