{wips, quilt market, and other fun inspiration!!}

Quiltmarket 1
{Julie, Becca, and Brooke with me at Sample Spree!!}

Yep, it's Quilt Time in Houston!!!!

We just finished celebrating Quilt Market...the 35th anniversary of International Fall Quilt Market here in Houston! 

We had a wonderful time perusing all of the new goodies that are coming out in the next year in the quilting industry. All of the fabrics and notions and books and … oh, so much!! 

But really, my idea of a good quilt market is to meet up and reconnect with my peeps. What better way than #selfieswithsally?

Quiltmarket 4

{with Julie and Brooke!!}

(Go onto instagram and search the hashtag "selfieswithsally"!!)

It's not a way for me to glorify me (you may beg to differ and we can argue about it all you want!!! Enough about me…let's talk about you…what do you think about me???)…but it's a way for you to get to know the people of the industry!!

There are so many photos on IG (check out the hashtag "quiltmarket") with booths and quilts and fabrics, etc… It was amazing!!! Instead of flooding you with the same photos, here are a few of my off the beaten path photos…

Quiltmarket 2

Here's my one pic I got of my maxi skirt made from BariJ's knit from Art Gallery Fabrics! So fun!! And my purse that I made from a Sew Sweetness pattern from Stitch magazine out of Cori Dantini fabric! (the same shown behind me!!! Yes!!)

Quiltmarket 3

One of my very fave fabrics I got at Sample Spree…

Ellen Luckett Baker's Charms from Kokka…um, yeah…sheep!!!!!!!


My succulents I got from Heather Givens (Crimson Tate)…I saved them for her! She just couldn't take them all home with her! (Cora will really save them this weekend when she gets home! LOL!!!)

But that leads me to one of the WIPs I want to do in the near future…

Succulent fabrics

A fun table runner out of Heather's succulent fabrics!!!

But, for the immediate future, my last custom advent calendar (for the season…there are three in the store if you missed out on the custom one this year!!!)…

Advent 6



Charity quilts for the next HMQG meeting on the 15th of November! (If you are in Houston, join us…check us out HERE!!)

Sheep case

For now, I'm going to go back to sewing, sewing, sewing…and taking pics on my sheepish phone!! ♥

I'll let you in on other quilt market things in the next few weeks!!!

Stay Tuned!!!




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