{FALL in love with your home – a snail’s pace is okay!}


Are you in love with your home? This is a perfect time of year to start organizing and cleaning things out before we entering into the holiday time! 

One of the things I love about cleaning areas of my home is the appreciation it brings. I'm so grateful for having a house that holds all of this stuff…and I'm sooooo thankful that I trust enough to let stuff go! You can find blog post after blog post talking about simplifying and how cathartic it is. I won't harp on it, but I will say that my gratefulness meter surely shoots up when I clean things out!!

So…my pantry…

um, yeah…

I have hardly made a dent!! Eeeeek!

Pantry 1

Yes, it looks a lot like my before picture!!

But I have procured some fun baskets (from my craft studio!!! FREE! LOL!!!).

And I created this cute little grocery sack holder…

Grocery sack holder

I used this tutorial here

And I love it! I can't wait to mount the hook bar (from the dollar store – cost=$1) and hang it up.

I have three other big baskets that I purchased a while ago for home storage. They will be snack bins and baking bins. We like to bake here! Very fun!!

My next task after I continue to empty the pantry is to sort through all of my cookbooks and keep only the ones I absolutely LOVE!! This is my criteria for all stuff I keep, clothes included!! (That's hopefully next week's area…my bedroom closet! eeeeek!!)

Grocery sack holder 2

A couple things are slowing down my pantry progress, but they are things I absolutely LOVE, too!!

Sallys angelworks advent calendar

I'm finishing up several orders for my Custom Advent Calendars! (buy yours here!) 

Sallys angelworks craft studio

And I'm working on several other quilting projects, and I'm playing and recording in the studio this week!

While I work this week, I have an assignment for you:

Pantry 2

If you have a spot in your house that is itching for you to clean it up and organize it, go ahead and start it up!! Yes, it's going to throw up all around for a little bit, but in the end, you will feel cleansed, happy, and sooo very grateful!! 

Let me know how you are FALLing in love with your house this month!!



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