{words, art, and lettering…}


Yep, I'm working on this today! (You will hopefully see the finished project tomorrow!)

It is adorable!!! 

While I was working on this, I remembered about this lettering class I had signed up for ! Of course, another thing for me to do…

But wait!!! You know me and my addiction to words and text on my quilts. I have to actually work to keep from embroidering text on everything I make!!! LOL!! So in order to do text better, I signed up for THIS class on CD Muckosky's site!


I'm planning on just taking a tiny bit of time each day to practice with her prompts…


And my extra practice…using the words "so very blessed!"…


As a professional cellist, I know what it takes to become an expert…hours of practice!! And as I practiced cello when I was in college (a LOT of little spurts!!), I plan on doing that to find my "lettering voice"!!


What are you practicing today?

Add a little "so very blessed" in there! You are blessed, you know!!



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