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Michael Miller Modern Quilt Challenge

So, another quilt was finished last week…I kinda wanted to wait until this Friday to share, but I just couldn't!!

Each Modern Quilt Guild that wanted to participate in this year's Michael Miller fabric challenge signed up for fabric, and our guild, the Houston Modern Quilt Guild was no different! 

What is a fabric challenge? Basically, Michael Miller Fabrics, a fabric manufacturing company gave loads of fabrics to each guild (6 fat eighths per person-a fat eighth is a 9"x21" piece of fabric) and the members of the guild make stuff and post their projects! There is a contest part of the challenge, too! Three winners will win a gob of fun stuff from Michael Miller and the Modern Quilt Guild!

So, here is the progression of my project:


Here are my fabrics…I also used grey solid…a lot of it!


This was my launching place…A little diamond…it reminded me of a lantern really…which made me think of Tangled…which made me think of birthdays…which made me think of the number 45!!

45 is blissful sallysa angelworks

So I designed this quilt!! It ended up just a hair different, but I love the result!!

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 1

Here is my finished project!! It has 45 little lantern diamonds to depict each year of my life (as of August 14th coming up! LOL!!).

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 5

I free motion thread "wrote" the words "blissful life" and added sheep buttons that my new friend Jamie sent me with our Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap!!

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 2

I quilted around each diamond and then did french knots in the open space of grey fabric. I didn't want to detract from the "lanterns"! 

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 4

This pic is after washing the quilt.

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 6

Here are three things I learned finishing this quilt…

1.  Take pictures before and after washing no matter what. Quilts look great both ways!!

2. Always include a sheep in everything you do…if you love sheep, of course!!

3. If you look around you and notice the bliss in your life, it starts to point itself out to you after a while! If you look at the garbage in your life constantly, that's all you will see!! I'd rather see the bliss…it may be a little 'rose-colored glasses', but I'm okay with that!!!

Blissful at 45 by sally's angelworks 3

Are you living a blissful life??? 

Start today!!!



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