{finishes, oh finishes…}


Good morning, Friday!!! 

Oh how I love you, Friday!!

So, this week, I finally got a chance to go to my darling hairdresser's house and give her two gifts that I've been hoarding for a while.

Really, it just takes me forever to finish things! But at least I'm finishing, right???

The first quilt I gave Kelly was her daughter's baby shower quilt. 


For some reason I did not take a finished picture! You know how that goes!

We did the signature blocks over 5 years ago. I put it together about 3 years ago…

And I quilted it this year!

Here's what I learned with this quilt…

don't use water-based markers with signature blocks!!

The other quilt I finished for Kelly was for her 8month old son…


I designed this quilt with inspiration from a fun quilt pattern from Cute Quilts Pattern (found here)!!

Here are some more pics…





and here's the back (below!)


Isn't that super fun???? 

It's really fun to have more projects finished and in their rightful home!!!

What did you finish this week???

BTW, I also got a very fun new hairdo!!


I'm so blessed to have good friends!!



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