{a mug and a quilt block}


Today, I want to celebrate the mug…the coffee mug!! 🙂 I guess it can be a tea mug or a hot chocolate mug…but for me, a COFFEE mug! (Yep, I'm on my second cup…just sayin'!!)

Mug Swap!

This year, I got in on the #mugswap2013 bandwagon, and ohhhhh, what a fun ride it was!! Be sure and check out Kim's post with all of the numbers and all of the blog post links!! wildness!!!

So the girlie I got to send to was Erin (art by erin leigh). She has the most amazing art!! Oh my gosh!! seriously, I could buy everything in her store!!

I got her a mug and few things, made her a few things and packed up her sweet box with a note…










{addresses have been smudged to protect the innocent! LOL!!}

What a great time I had putting that together!!

And THEN, I was blessed beyond belief!!! by my new online instagram bestie, Amanda!!

Photo (45)

Ohhhhh I just can't stop using this mug!! Her momma made it {RKE Pottery Designs!!}! I got really worried I was going to break it, but then I thought, I could go and buy a bunch more just in case! LOL!! yes!!!

and my little angel she gave me…


…she is watching over me in my craft studio!!


I am soooo blessed!!! 

And all because I hopped onto a blog through another blog from another blog and found the mug swap!!

Speaking of online, that is where today's quilt block is from:

The Disappearing 9-Patch!!


There are tons of tutorials you can go to to figure it out! (super, super easy!!) Here are two where I was introduced to it…

Rachel's blog – ps i quilt (the "super easy" way)


Kristy Daum's -St. Louis Folk Victorian (the "modern" way)



Enjoy!!! and if you make this, be sure to come and leave me a comment!!

Tomorrow, you will see some fun applique!! yay!!!

I'm off to finish my Holiday in London Bag of which I sewed a bunch last night! yay!!



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    Such sweet presents, your partner was very blessed too. I do love the little angel you were sent, I need to look out for something like that.

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    Yay! I’m friends with Amanda on IG and when I saw that mug, I was a little jealous of you. Lol. She’s the best. Love the package you sent too. So much love in it. xo

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