{firsts…and more firsts…}


So, here we are…

at the end of summer…sob!!

Yesterday was our quasi first day of school!! Quasi because only Quentin went to class. Emma started today and Lil will start on Thursday. Cora starts her sophmore year next week!! Pure wildness, I know!!


First day tree pic…I love watching the tree grow along with the kiddos!

As our lives morph into the "New Normal," we are embracing the routine this year. And I hope to still take a bunch of time to craft, craft, craft!!

Here's what I've been working on throughout the weekend and the beginning of this week:


Remember this block?

I've made parts of three more – well, one finished, and two ready to be finished! two more to get cut out and finished!!


Anna's – just needs to be sewn…


Paula's – is done!


Karri's – is cut out!!


Here is a project started for my #mugswap2013 partner!! She likes vintage things…I think she'll like this!!!


Here's her mug…she doesn't know it's hers, but I know she'll like this, too!! Who doesn't love a mug from Texas?????


At our HMQG meeting, we swapped birthday gifties…and Patty Sloniger made this!!! Isn't it gorgeous???? And look what was inside…


sooooo beautiful!!! There was chocolate involved, too, but I'm not sharing…literally…

and for some reason, I didn't take pics of the pouch I made…hmmmm…it was cute!!!


I got these fabrics for a friend's baby quilt!! I can't wait to whip it out!!! Hopefully, I'll get it done before her children are too old to appreciate quilts! LOL!!! and yes, that is purple!! I'm stretching my horizons!! eeeeeek!!!


This is the best…So, I went to order some High Density Foam for some iPad/MacBook Air covers, and I guess I don't really have a clue as to how big measurements really are!!!

If you need an iPad cover, let me know. Apparently, I have the foam to make it now!!!


I'm making Nathan's MacBook Air cover out of these fabrics this week!! Yay!!!


A special HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my brother and his wife on their eighth anniversary!!! Look at how young our cuties are??? (My sis and her fam are on the left)

and now my brother and his wife have these cuties!!


Happy Anniversary, Bill and Laura!!

I'm off to go shopping with GCs from my birthday!! yipeeeee!!!

Hope your week is moving to the New Normal easily like ours is!

many blessings to you!!!


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