{bits of inspiration and sneaky peeks!!}


Are you ready for some quick inspiration?


This year's flag cake!!! The outside may not be spectacular…but…


But the inside!! Pretty cool, huh???


Aren't the pieces awesome????


We had an awesome Fourth of July!! 🙂 It was super fun!! 


Remember this pic of Amanda showing off her awesome new 60 degree ruler at Quilt Market?


Well, I've been playing around with mine!!!




I created a big diamond made up of little diamonds!! It was super fun, especially since I have been seriously intimidated by diamonds!!! (not the kind on my finger…just sayin'!!)

I've designed what to do with this very cool diamond, and I'll show that off soon!! 🙂

And there'll be lots of ruler celebrations coming very soon!!! Check back every day!!

And one other sneaky peek!!


This Friday, you'll get another free pattern here on the blog!! The pic above is your sneaky peek!!

Fun, huh????

I have another project designed and waiting for the rest of the fabric from Julie's store…You are going to soooo love it!! I already do!!! ♥


Juicing update:

Photo (30)

Ohhhhh, I'm seriously detoxing!! Everyone I've talked to and the book we've read all warn us about the beginning of a juicing fast. I don't think I remember ever being this tired, though. I also haven't had too bad of caffeine headaches. I did take tylenol this afternoon. I was too tired of not being able to think…this is one of the side effects that I am not happy with, but one I'm willing to work through for now. 

Dinners have been very tasty…complete veggie soups very easy to put together and energy giving!! So, I'm hoping once my toxins have left my body, I'll have a lot more energy, and the ability to think comes back!!


This is where I'm really missing my coffee…my production level is down a little bit, but as you can see from the diamond fabric pictures, I'm still creating!! 



What are you creating today????

I'm off to Pinterest to get more inspiration!! 

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