{vacation…oh, i need you, vacation!!!}


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Adventure is out there!!!!


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Yep, it's time for a vacation!!!!! 

Today, we'll be in the car for about 10 hours taking our sweet boy up to Garden Valley, Tx, up to Teen Mania headquarters. So, while we're driving all around Texas, I've scheduled a fun vacation post using Pinterest pics to fill you full of longing for a fun vacation!!!


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I'm totally up for a month-long vacation of exploring!! Where would you go???

We'd go to Colorado, for sure!!

And probably Florida to show the kids that beaches don't have to be like Galveston…'nuff said there!


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We'd also LOVE to explore the East Coast…see all of the history that we've learned about during our years of homeschooling!

And after all of that camping all around the country…


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Yep, it's off to the Caribbean! Yum!!!!


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I'm all packed…how about you????

Actually, we're saving up our traveling/air points so we can go somewhere soon!! And while we wait…


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Where would you go if you could go anywhere?



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