{directionally challenged???}


Well, to be truthful, I'm not too directionally challenged. If you use the terms North or South, East or West, I get it. I can figure out where you are. 

Sometimes, we have so much going on in our lives, we can get a little bit lost in the fog of everyday life!! Especially if we are running a business, raising our kiddos, or just trying to manage our insurance!!

I'll tell you another secret…okay, it may not be a secret! But I am loving the direction I'm going in…even when there may be a bunch of paths I could follow…

What about Sally's Angelworks and the direction it's going?

Well, I have a BIG announcement…


In about three weeks, we are going to be celebrating…

Celebrating TWO years of Sally's Angelworks Store!!!! yay!!!!

And we are going to have a bunch of prizes and fun right here on the BLOG!!! yay!!!

Keep watching this space…

…and did I mention the newsletter??? Have you signed up yet???

{sign up here}

There are fun surprises in the newsletter, too!! 

Guess what??? It's MONDAY!!! A fresh start for all of us!!! A fresh start that sends us into the right direction!!!



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