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Ohhhhh, we are still going here!! I may be posting a bit later, but I wanted to make sure you got to read all of the goodies today!!!

First of all, thank you so much for all of you comments!!

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Today, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to make a dresden plate block!

Ohhhh the dresden plate quilt is one of my favorites!! It looks complicated, but it really isn't!

Check out this antique Dresden plate quilt block from Cottage Magpie:


Just gorgeous!! 

Today, I just have a simple tutorial that can help you create a dresden pillow or make 16 of these blocks for a big throw for your couch!!

Let's sew: (btw, I used several different fabrics for my pics…you'll see why in a few weeks!!)

Dresden Plate Quilt Block



5 fat eighths in different patterns and coordinating colors

One 12.5” square of background fabric

Easy Dresden Tool

Small ruler

Rotary cutter and mat


Let Make This!!


Using your Easy Dresden Ruler,
place the line that says 4 on the bottom edge of your fabric. Using a rotary
cutter, cut around the ruler. That is your little Dresden piece.



Pinch the wider end of your piece
right sides together (see pic above) matching up corners.


Sew a scant ¼” seam on that wider edge.


Snip off the two corners for an easier


Turn the point right side out and put on
the ironing board with the wrong side out. Making sure your seam is right down
the middle of the piece, press your point.


Press on the right side, too! Make 20 of these little guys!! (4 sets of
the 5 patterned fabrics)



Take two pieces and place them right side


Sew down one long edge with a scant 1/4”
seam. Press. Do this for 5 pieces. Then sew another 5, and another 5, and the
last 5.

Sew one set of 5 to another set. Sew the
other two sets together. Then sew the two halves together. Woooohooooo!! You have
your plate…almost!

Place your plate onto your background
fabric.  You need to measure the distance
from the edges of the plate to the edges of your background square. Using a
small ruler, make sure you have the same amount of space on all four sides of
your bckgd square!

Next, you can do this one of three ways: a)
you can add a little glue (glue stick) onto the back of your Dresden plate little
by little and stick it to the bckgd OR b) you can add steam a seam fusible web
onto the back of your plate and iron it on OR c) you can just pin the plate on.
(I pinned mine!)


Sew along the outer edge about 1/8from
the edge of the pieces – all the way around!

You can sew around the inside of the
circle, too to stabilize the inside of the plate before you put your circle on


For your middle circle, I found a round
mini tub that I traced onto fusible web backing. I applied that onto the wrong
side of my fabric and cut out my circle.

Adhere the circle to the middle of your plate. Using a blanket stitch on the machine, sew around the circle!! (I particularly love the handmade look of this!!)

And your block is all done!!!

Let me know if you make one (or 16) of these!!! 🙂

Are you loving the Dresden Plate look??? Here is a PINTEREST search showing a gob of them!! 


Here's a link to another tutorial for you (BONUS!!! Woohoooo!!):


My Dresden Sheep Pin Cushion!!! (for Riley Blake) Super fun!!

Can you tell I love this pattern????


And on to…



A mug rug and a mini mini quilt!! These are perfect for gifts or for you and your crafting space!!! Yes!!!


I made this mug rug (oversized coaster made from fabric! LOL!!) using one of the Salt Air Labels and a vintage handkerchief. I made it to remind me that God is my anchor when the storms of life are hitting me!!! Awesome reminder!!

Today, all you need to do is just COMMENT here on the blog! (one chance, please)

I am so thankful for all of you!!! 

Blessings!! And tomorrow is the last day of festivities and it's when I reveal all that is going in the GRAND PRIZE, so make sure you pop back tomorrow!!!


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