{day 2 of the festivities!! Free Printable Pattern!!}


It's day two of our party!! I hope you are eating some serious cake!!! 🙂 I am whipping up new Paleo friendly cookies this afternoon to share with you tomorrow, so go ahead and save your sugar points for me for tomorrow! (wait, it's Paleo…no sugar! and you'll love it!)


How about some celebratory embroidery???


I drew up this embroidery pattern for you this week!!

How can we use it?

I like the mini quilt option the best…. 

…but what do you do with a mini quilt??? It unfortunately won't keep you warm – on the outside, anyway!! 🙂


These are just three ideas for uses of mini quilts! As a crafter/quilter, mini quilts can be your saving grace as you are perfecting your craft! Plus, they don't take anywhere near as long as a throw to make!! 

For this embroidery pattern, you can make a medium sized pillow for the bed of the one who has the birthday! Wouldn't it be fun to wake up with a new pillow on your bed??? So fun!!!

What are some other ideas you can do with this embroidery pattern?

  • Fun hoop art
  • pillow
  • table runner
  • birthday tote bag
  • fun twirlie skirt

Lots of fun ideas!!!! 

So here's the pattern: DOWNLOAD HERE

SA_happyhappybirthday copy

Here are some more shots of how I am going to use my mini quilt…I pinned it to my curtains next to my kitchen table. I can pin it behind the chair of the birthday person! (Right now, it's pinned behind my chair! LOL!!)




Enjoy and be sure to share with us if you use the pattern!!!


Today's Giveaway:


Bunting pennants made with Sweet Divinity (designed by The Quilted Fish)!!!

There are 9 pennants with bias tape sewn to the tops! Two of them are attached with one piece of bias tape. 

Again, lots of ideas for you to use these!! Sew them together to make one bunting, or just applique them to a quilt top for a fun bunting look on your quilt…

…like I did here…


You can purchase this quilt right HERE in the shop!!!

Ready to win these pennants???

You have three chances!!! ♥♥♥

1. Comment here with any other ideas for mini quilts or for the embroidery pattern I'm giving away today!!!

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Get ready tomorrow for some awesome quotes, a little outloud hope, and another FREE embroidery pattern!!



{the first birthday logo garland graphic designed by Bonnie Christine at Going Home to Roost!!}


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  1. Reply

    I love your mini quilt Sally!
    My son graduates next month from uni – I shall be making one for him!!

  2. Reply

    They are all wonderful. I want them ALL! Mom

  3. Reply

    Mini quilts are a great way to celebrate the seasons, too.

  4. Reply

    I follow you on facebook.

  5. Reply

    You could use the embroidery design by putting it on to a large sack or bag which becomes a special birthday bag with lots of presents hiding inside.

  6. Reply

    I follow you on facebook.

  7. Reply

    What a great idea your mini quilt is! Perfect for those big birthday’s, i.e. 18th, 21st, etc…
    Could do with one for my cousin’s 50th this Saturday. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the sentiment.

  8. Reply

    I’m following you on Facebook! Giddy99

  9. Reply

    I’m following you on Twitter, too! @giddy99

  10. Reply

    Love the bunting mini quilt!

  11. Reply

    Great ideas, I’m inspired to go make mini quilts!

  12. Reply

    I love your mini quilt. My granddaughter would love those pink pennants.

  13. Reply

    What a cute way to use the pennants. They look darling. I’m enjoying your birthday week of blogs. Thanks

  14. Reply

    Don’t do fFcebook or Twitter…so thanks from ALL of us that don’t….but still have a chance to win, thru a regular comment!!! Hugs to you!!

    Love your Mini Quilt!!! Way fun! Sweet lil’ gift that creates a Special Heart Memory!! 🙂

  15. Reply

    sweet, sweet, sweet. I’m in the midst of making a little mini quilt for a friend who decided this year her family should have more fun. Naturally, I am including some bunting across the top–because what’s more fun than bunting?–along with the motto she chose for her crew.

  16. Reply

    My family has a big family reunion coming up over July 4th weekend! A banner would be perfect! thank you!

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