{practice makes perfect!!}


{Pic found HERE}

Yep…it's true what they say…

no…this post isn't about my cello playing…


It's about dreams!

Do you have a dream that you want to reach, but you feel goofy practicing the nitty gritty details in order to see that dream come true?


I love art…I love text…I love art made with text! Especially handwritten text…

I am doing a fun quilt for the first challenge of Project Quilting!! (Check out project quilting HERE!!!

I'm using these fabrics…


Posy by Aneela Hoey from Moda! Fun!!!

{remember, practice makes perfect!!}

Here's the block pattern I'm doing for my sweet little quilt…


See that white fabric area?

That is why I'm practicing this…


{oh my goodness i love that little itty bitty text!!}

So, I encourage you!!! 

You hear everyone saying, "Follow your dreams!!"

But I take it even further…

"Practice so you can realize those God-given dreams that are deep down in your soul!!"

you can do it!!


…couple of business items…

This little quilt you see in progress above will have a pattern that I'm going to share with you for FREE!!! All you have to do is go over to Julie's site and sign up for her newsletter!! (right sidebar!!) You will love how fun and easy it is!! (yep, the quilt and the newsletter sign up!!)


Speaking of newsletters, my bimonthly newsletter is going out tonight!! It will have a new FREE embroidery pattern that is…you guessed it…TEXT!! yay!!


And next week, I'll have a new video up explaining CHAIN STITCHING!! Visually!! yay!!

If you have other quilting questions or ideas you'd like to see explained through a video, leave a comment! Let me know!! 

I hope this new year fills you with hope and gets you practicing your way to realizing your dreams!!

…oh, and don't forget to practice your scales, too!! 

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