{12 days of Christmas – day 6 – 2012 edition}


Happy New Year, everyone!!!
Yesterday, I spent most of my beautiful day in the kitchen whipping up some fun eats for our little get together last night!! I wanted to post after everyone left, but just couldn't find the energy!! Yep, we stayed up until the bitter end and celebrated the turning of the year with dear friends. It was delightful, for sure!
So for my day 6 post, I wanted to share quickly some of the eats I made…food again…you can't get away from it!
So for Christmas, we got three cookbooks. For the open house, I wanted to cook at least one thing from each book. 
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From my sweet friend, Lorene, we received this fun little cookbook from Charleston. It has a bunch of fun recipes from all of the different restaurants in Charleston. It so makes me want to visit today!!

I made the Cream Cheese Brownies from Magnolia's. Oh my goodness, they are good!!!
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I got this very fun Texas cookbook from my darling best friend, Melanie.
I ended up putting together the recipe called "A Paris Favorite Avocado Dip." I actually forgot to take pics of it, but suffice it to say, the success of the dip is contingent upon two things; perfectly ripe Avocados and guests that haven't pigged out on your spinach rolls!! 🙂
speaking of Spinach Rolls…ohhhhhhhhhh…I did these again from Pinterest…
yes!!!! (I had them for breakfast this morning, too!! LOL!!)
and our third book we received was from my fun mom!!!
Photo (2)
This cookbook is packed full of fancy gourmet desserts!
So I picked the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies…PERFECT!!!
Emma and her friend Jonathan made the cookie parts and I made the cream. They were the best treat last night for sure!!!
This morning, I wanted to just be able to jump up, put a breakfast casserole in the oven, get ready, and then come out and eat that fantastic casserole…
So I did just that! I made a French Bread Casserole yesterday amidst all of my other cooking. We woke up this morning, put it in, and when it came out, Ohhhhhh it was soooooo good!!!
I found the recipe on Pinterest, of course!
Here's what it looked like after we ate it for breakfast!!!
From us to you….
Happy New Years!!!!!

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