{12 days of Christmas – day 12 – 2012 edition}


Happy Day of Epiphany!!! 

Today is a celebration of the Wise Men's Journey to see the little baby Jesus!


They took a long journey…

I love the word "Journey"! 

I had to do a Pinterest search for the word…

Here are some of the fun art pieces I found for your inspiration:


{Pin found HERE}


{Pic found HERE}


{pic found HERE}


{pic found HERE}

To see all of my Journey Pins on Pinterest, see my fun "Journey" board HERE!!

What kind of a journey will you take in 2013??

What about your creative soul?

What about your spiritual side?

I'm excited to order my life a little bit more this new year…and one way I'm going to do that is to have regular blog posts!! Yay!! I took a bit of time off the second half of 2012 from blogging, and I missed it terribly! 

{pic found right here}

I'm hoping to have posts up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday regularly with occasional Saturdays or Sundays thrown in there! I intend on sharing what I'm working on, all of my finishes, inspirational posts with just my ponderings…I process outloud, can you tell?…and lots and lots of tutorials and patterns using both fabric and paper and mixed media. LOVE!!!

You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with all of the excitement! 

Thanks so much for following my 12 days of Christmas!!

Tune in tomorrow for a fun post on UFOs…and not the alien kind!! LOL!!!!

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