{so very thankful…for real life!!!}


Ohhhhh I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We had a wonderful one with our whole family (minus my beautiful sister and her family up in the northwest)!! We ate lots, watched some of the best football (yay, Texans!!!), and just enjoyed being in the depths of thankfulness with each other!

So in the spirit of thankfulness, I'm going to share a few things I'm thankful for right now…


1. Instagram…I love taking pics of quirky things in my life…like my thankful block (above)!! (I know it's a little blurry, but you get the idea…) Wanna follow me? @sallykeller814 – that's me!


2. Sewing – Here's a wild pic of my baby this morning in her new upcycled dress. I took a tshirt and added a sweet little ruffled skirt to it. I'm loving how it came out! I used Domestic Bliss for the ruffle skirt. Adorable and it matched this tshirt perfectly!! 


3. digital art – so excited that I have a new laptop that I can scrap on again, AND I'm super excited to be blogging again over at Oscraps! Check out my latest post about using digital art to create printable items for the holidays!


4. November birthdays – we have a bunch of them in November in our family! We love celebrating!! And my darling Emma turned 13 this year…she got her own facebook acct, so I posted a few pics like these:

Untitled-2 copy



so fun how this (above…)…

…can grow up to this!! (above)


happy birthday, emma!


5. Planning – I'm getting ready for Christmas!!! I have my Christmas planner all made up and I'm going to share it with you tomorrow after I print it up and get it all put together! You will LOVE it! I know I do!! 🙂 And I can't wait to be organized for this next month!!



6. Of course I'm thankful for my darling family!! We took a moment on Thanksgiving to take pictures of us…and this one (above) was our best shot!! I love it…I'm pretty sure it will end up on our Christmas card! 

But I think you are entitled to see the whole shoot…


Because we are real…


no, Hello Kitty is not part of my immediate family…or is she???


Our Victorian shot…yes, Quentin, we really meant serious…


Let's try a normal happy one again…maybe without gang signs?


Heck with the serious, perfect family!! This is the real us!!!! (yep, this one will probably make it to the Christmas card, too!!)

Yes, I am sooooooo very blessed!!! Loving my life right now! I pray that your Thanksgiving was as wonderfully full as mine! and that your turkey was as tasty…and your desserts were as amazing!! Life can be uncertain – eat dessert first!!!


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