{ohhhhh I’m back…joy!!!!}

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So super happy…joyful…ecstatic!!! yep, so grateful for so many things right now, I might burst!

This morning, I put my camera card in my new Dell laptop, opened PSCS3 and within 20 minutes, I had 20 edited pictures blog-ready!!! Yes, I am back! And my voice is ready to speak!!!

I'm going to start this new phase of blogging frequently with a bunch of fabric pictures, because they, too, make me super joyful!! 


I have the most darling generous friends, for sure!!! When my sweet companions came down for Quilt Market, they brought me gifties!!! Fabric gifties!!

(Julie and me)


(Brooke and me!)

(Donna and me)

I love Julie with the Intrepid Thread and Brooke from Silly Mama Quilts so much! And Brooke's friend, Donna was soooo fun to meet and get to know, AND she brought me goodies, too!!! Can you say SPOILED???!!! yep, that's me…spoiled and GRATEFUL!!!

So here are some of my fabrics that I got at Sample Spree and from my darling friends!!


ohhhh Avignon!!! I love you…by Emily Taylor 

Here's a pic of her booth at Quilt Market:




Folk Tale by Natalie Lymer….ohhhh I have so many embroidery dreams for this fabric!! yes!!!


I LOVE Posy by Aneela Hoey…

ohhh you have to see my pic I took with her when she was signing her book for me…


We are so adorable!! (my hair is soooo from Texas, don'tcha think????)


Look at her detail!!! These fabrics remind me of my childhood!! I'm hoping to make a little blouse for me out of them…(yep, I'll be ordering more from Julie's Store!!!)


The Sweetest Thing by Zoe Pearn…SWOON!!!!

Here's her booth in the Riley Blake section at Quilt Market:


I soooooo want to make that skirt from that yummmmmmmy knit fabric!!

Here's another shot of the skirt…




Aren't these adorable???? Suzy Ultman's Handle with Care!! Fun, fun!!!!


I have a seriously hard time passing up the wild creatures Marisa from Creative Thursday designs! love the little lady bugs!


 Frippery!!!!! by Thomas Knauer… I asked Thomas at Quilt Market what he wanted me to make out of this fabric…he said, "do something outrageous with it!!" So I'm thinking a huge Texas map quilt…what do you think????

Here's Thomas and me being crazy at the Modern Market MeetUp…yep…crazy!


Ohhhh Sweetwater's Noteworthy…how I love you, Noteworthy…


Love love love this text fabric!!! perfect!!!

Aneela's current line's panel – Sew Stitchy Stitchettes Panel!! 🙂 Can't wait to get my handwork on!!


Ohhhhhh i adore this fabric so much…I don't know why…just something comforting about the colors and designs…So I had to take a million pics of it…






I'm thinking dresden plates on white solid! Soooo yummmmmmy!!! Or maybe this quilt here from Tracey…gorgeous!!!

So many options!!!

okay, so last blog post, I kinda hinted that I was getting a job, and I did! I am doing web development and marketing (blogging +) for Mr Gorgeous's IT company!!! yay!!! So far, it has been a blast (that's after one day!! eeeeek!! LOL!!!). I'm sooo blessed and thankful for this opportunity…We've been praying for a while now for an extra source of income to take care of some of our wild issues  including my darling child's college bill, which is totally worth it (we've also been working very hard on the principles that got us into the mess of issues, and we are conquering!!! God is so good!!!)!!


And since I've gotten this boon of fantastic-ness, be on the lookout for new newsletters, tutorials, and several posts weekly!! Totally psyched about this!!!

Hope your week is winding up filled with many, many blessings, hope and fabric!!! :) 

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