{confessions & transformations}


I have a love/hate relationship with organization…confession #1…

I know the bottom line of organization is really self-discipline. Ohhhh, how I wish I had been born with a little of that…but I do believe it can be learned! That's the journey I'm on right now!!! (confession #2)

So let me show off some organizational transformations that I've been going through these past few weeks!!


My darling sweet Lillian started her first outside class two weeks ago. Her supply list included glue, scissors, colored pencils, and markers. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest on how to make an organizer out of a book cover and knew I could adapt it for her!!


(she picked the fabric!!)

She's already drawn on the cover! I should have put some chalkboard paint on there for her! (cute idea!!)


adorable!!! She loves it!!


So, right now, I have to confess…(confession #3)…blogging is super hard!!! My technology, while I'm sooooo very thankful for what I have, is making my life very difficult. It takes two computers to do a post, and thus, my posts are few and far between…it also means my digital scrapbooking is on hold for now! *sob*

But, again, this is about transformations…and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I do have to blog, even if it does take longer than usual…and you guys love picture heavy posts, right??? I know I do!! 

(btw, the camera that I'm using is delightful!! just sayin'…)

Here's a little somethin' somethin' I created with stuff in my craft studio:


I received this awesome photo card along with a sheep print from Junelle a month or so ago!! I knew that I wanted to frame this photocard instead of sending it to someone!!!

So I found an unfinished wood frame, painted it, distressed it, added embellishments, and put it up in my craft studio…


check out the sheep button!



here's another quick little transformation:

I covered the top of a wooden cigar box with fabric and painted the rest of it. I cut out a notch on the side to put the cords through…and voila, a cord hider!!!


Speaking of transformations…Here is my oldest on her first day of school!! I think college counts, right??? 


{we are in Macy's buying her a kettle after her first class…so fun!!}


Her daddy was so proud of her wearing her Freshman Beanie all day everywhere…Like father, like daughter – for sure!! 🙂

(confession #4 – I'm loving her being so close, yet on her own! so fun for her and not so painful for me!!)


Here's my darling #3, Emma…on her first day of school last week! She is loving every minute of it!! (at least, that's what she's telling me!!)

I have to share these next three pics about Emma, too!!


Confession #5 – I am now a soccer mom!! eeeeeep!!!


This is my life right now…


I loved this pic of her practicing piano in her new soccer cleats – adorable!!!


Ohhhhhh, guess what I got in the mail for my birthday last week????

my darling friend, Brooke, sent me the cutest snack mat!! LOVE!!! And it was crying out for a sheep to sit on it…


Isn't it the best to have darling friends who encourage you??? It's what keeps us going! And she'll be here in Oct for Fall Market with her sweet bestie!! I can't wait!!! ♥

Speaking of Sallyfesting…


 at my mom's! She always throws the best bashes!!


My sweetie sil, DeAnna made the fun cake!!! With marzipan rocks that we gobbled up! YUM!!!

and at the Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting last Saturday, I got a goodie box from a sweet quilter, Jaclyn. Here's what was inside!! 


fat quarters…


a pack of flat head pins AND a SHEEP pin cushion!!! handmade just for me!!! SOooo adorable!! LOVE!!!

(there was chocolate, too, but it didn't last long enough to get photographed! LOL!!)


So while pondering this age transformation I recently went through, I was refinishing a dresser for my craft studio…

remember this pic from the last time I blogged?


This is the before…

Here is the after…


You know how you change one thing and it makes you clean everything else around it????

Here's the before of the studio…


and the after of that space…

(funny, it still looks rather busy, but that's me!! lots of projects going!!)

Here are other pics of the whole studio…






I'm collecting Teal prints to create a big king sized patchwork quilt for my very own bed!!! 🙂 super excited!!!


Here are some other outlets of creativity in my life right now…




 Chocolate Chip Reeses Brownies…Pinterest WIN!! They are very very wonderfully tasty…

we are all just a bit heavier…don't judge!! LOL!!

(find that recipe pin right here!!)

And I have officially run out of Bisquick, so my weekly pancake recipe has changed. I'm now cooking them from scratch…YUMMMMMMMY:


Lillian had to do the big Reveal!! (watch HGTV much???)


Here's the recipe here! Amazing!!

And just to show that I'm not forgetting to do some paper crafting, here are four cards I made last week at a workshop that my mom took me to! So fun!!!


The  workshop girlie who created these is Lana Edwards…very talented creative lady. And so hospitable! We ate lunch at her house and just had the best time! I wish I could have stayed and played with embellishments in the afternoon, but alas, it was on to the HMQG meeting!! 🙂

I will be showing you the three projects we are going to whip up tomorrow night (Thursday) at my house!! If you want to join us, come on! drop me an email at sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com if you wanna join us! 🙂


and to finish off this very long post…


My scrap project for August! Can't wait to finish it! LOVE those sheep!!! (that's not really a confession since you already know that!! LOL! but the Great Shepherd sure is transforming me daily, and boy, it feels good…)


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