{a work in progress}


{one of my latest WIPs – works in progress}

Sometimes we are just works in progress!! 

We go through life living our victories and our failures, learning all the while, growing as a person (hopefully!!)…

All the while we have our ups and downs…

and during those downs, we just remember – we are works in progress!

One of my latest projects has been to redo my bedroom and my craft studio!! and one of the biggest projects is this dresser…


 (i always love it when the before pic is really blurry and yucky! LOL!!)

 My darling Emma got a bookshelf in which to put all of her clothes, so I inherited the dresser. 

Of course, I found inspiration on Pinterest:

Trash to Treasure - Drawer-less dresser turned fabric storage - love it!

{source and tutorial here!!}

I LOVE this idea for my fabrics…for several reasons:

*Seeing is using!! 

*All of my fabrics in one place makes for easier color collaboration!

*FREE is the best!!!

*This is just too darn cute!!

So…I got busy!




As I was using my little sander, I kept thinking about how God does this to us…He gets rid of the rough edges with his Word. He sands all of the imperfections off of us! 

And this is a good thing! Trust me!! Even though it hurts…it's worth it! 🙂

At this moment, the outside is complete, but the inside needs new shelves and painting! {Isn't that just like us? You can dress us up, make us look pretty on the outside, but we really shouldn't mingle until we've cleaned up our insides, too, huh??} I'm waiting for Mr Gorgeous to come back from California to help me out with the inside of the dresser…I'm not a greedy person…I like to share some of the burden with the man I love!! 🙂


(the view from the sanded top and our backyard!!)

So what else is in progress, you ask? a LOT, of course! 


This little Christmas wall hanging…just needs embroidery embellishment and buttons.


This sweet pillow top needs a back and a ruffle!!! 🙂 LOVE!!


I got this GORGEOUS sheep photograph by Junelle Jacobsen from Yes and Amen Photography, and I framed it and put it up in my craft studio. There is a blank spot right underneath it that needs a wood block with some text!! I know just the right scripture, too, that will carry me through the next months!! So excited to be designing and executing that in the next few weeks!!

Of course, tis the season to start school, and that is definitely a work in progress!! I have two that started today, and one that will start tomorrow, and the big ole college girlie will move out Thursday and start school next Monday! Whew!! Here are today's starters!!


Lil with her little Texas bag that I made! Her first and only outside class is Texas History!  Soooo fun!!


and his first day of high school!! eeeeek!! (I'm too young!!) So proud of Quentin!! 

I'll be sharing the other two on their days, too! for sure! (I'll have to get a by-proxy pic of Cora, but I'll do it!!)

I have other projects that I'm working on (4 very cute table runners for my mom for this Friday!! LOVE! three more Christmas quilts! and some really neat decorations for my house!!) but for now, I'm just going to reflect on how it is okay to be a work in progress…I'm getting better day by day, and God's grace is carrying me through minute by minute…


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