{summer journeys}


How awesome is summer????

We are having a blast! It does seem to be going too fast! For sure!

But the fun thing is that I'm taking time to really embrace the journey on which this summer has set me!!

Yesterday, we dropped off our sweetie pie at the headquarters of Teen Mania Ministries to begin her mission trip training. She flies out of Dallas to Northern Ireland on Tuesday. It's really exciting!!


We took a second to take a picture of all of us…


and all of the kiddos…we said goodbye to Nathan and Susanna, too! (Love Lil's face here!!)


If you want to see what is going on with Cora on her mission trip, go to their facebook page right here!! I'm super excited to watch lives change, especially my sweetie pie's!! Join me in praying for her and all of the hearts that will be reached on her journey in the next month!


Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a journey wondering why God takes you down rocky, bumpy paths? Only to find that those are the most scenic, gorgeous, inspiring paths? 

{Mt. McKinley aka Denali}

You've heard the saying "You can't really appreciate the mountain tops unless you have the valleys." This is what I am feeling in my summer journey! 

I was just looking at my daughter's toes, and they were so cute!  Who even cares about goofy toes??? 


{my bff's son's toes a couple of years ago…}

When you really think about the little things and you are grateful for them, all of a sudden, the big things don't really matter…or more accurately, your big things become little things!!

And I am so grateful for those little sweet toes…I am!!

{my son took this pic!!}

I had a moment in worship this morning where the words just reached way down into my soul:

"Power in hand speaking the Father's plan. You're sending us out, light in this broken land. We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, Everyone overcome"

(this is from Overcome by Jon Egan)


I kept thinking about being sent out!! Especially after dropping our sweetie pie off on a mission trip!  We are a light in this broken land! And this is exactly what gets me through the broken times in my own life! That light that is poured into me to overflowing so that I can pour it out to others…

{Sarah Harrison Photography}

For me, this means sharing my journey with you and testifying about my victories!! I'm usually outloud anyway, but this morning I found myself stripped down to my bare soul which was unexpected!! 

…and what I learned this morning is that God wants to strip us down, He wants to take us on that bumpy road (I don't believe He causes the bumpy road; we live in a broken world!), and He wants to open the eyes of our hearts to see the many blessings and powerful calling He has for us! 


Next month is my birthday month! And I am so excited to be debuting two new lines in my Etsy store!! They have everything to do with what I've been talking about.  You will be inspired!! 

Stay tuned right here on the blog to see the fun unfold!!

BTW, if you need prayer for anything at all, feel free to comment here or email me (sally@sallysangelworks.com)! I would love to pray for you!!

Tomorrow is my fave day of the week! Monday!!! A fresh start, which is great this week since I'm cleaning my house out all week!!

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