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Cinderella was right!!! A new pair of shoes can change a girlie's life! or even a new set of toenails!!

I did a favor for my sweet mom last weekend, and she repaid me with a fun gift certificate at the spa!! How fun is that? I had a great time spending time with her and helping her out AND I got an afternoon out because of it!

truly, what a blessing the little things are…


especially in the midst of a hard week!!

I want to share with you my vision of what Sally's Angelworks is all about…


Sally's Angelworks came about when I was creating, creating, creating, and I realized that I wanted to share my creations with my friends. I started making pillows with sayings and quotes embroidered onto them. I fell in love with all text on fabric! Especially words that bring hope!

I also decided that I would pray for each person while I make them their present! That made creating even more special and amazing! As I created more and more, I wanted to share more and more with more people!!

Thus, Sally's Angelworks was born.

At the beginning of this summer, I had the intention of creating two new lines to debut in my Etsy store on August 1st. As June 30th approached, we hit some wild times in the house, but I was determined to keep pushing through with my creative ideas.


On July 7th, we took my sweet baby girlie, Cora up north to where she was going to do missionary training and take off for Ireland and London! (I know you've been following her journey on FB like I have!!) One of the things they trained them in was having a set quiet time every day to really listen to how God is moving in their personal/ministerial lives!! Kind of a resetting before going out to minister.


I was so inspired by that concept!! Just sitting daily in the presence of the Lord while He speaks to me and reminds me that I am loved…that I can dream…that I have hope!!!

Then something would happen to make me forget all of those things, and all I would have to do is look around…


I'd see a little saying on a table topper or a little quilt on the wall, I instantly remembered God's message to me: He is rejoicing over me!! He loves me!! I am a beautiful, loved girlie!!

This is what my new two lines are all about: hope and inspiration!

You've seen sneaky peeks of a bunch of Messages and One Word Wonders! I can't wait to debut them in the store August 1st!!!

And here's an awesome announcement that I haven't really shared yet…August 1st will also be the introduction to my Christmas products, too!!
…including this quilt:


It's my jelly roll race quilt that I finished binding today in my Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting! Gotta love that Christmas tree!!

Penny really loves this quilt, too!! (can you see her? she kind of blends in to our tv console!!)

I'm super excited with my three new lines of quilts/art quilts/Christmas quilts!! And I'm even more excited with where they are going…how they will inspire…how lives can be changed!!

If you have a scripture or a saying or even just a word you would love to be featured on a quilted piece, email me at sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com! We can work it out together and create something that can inspire you daily!!

I'd love to hear what inspires you!!! Blessings!!!! 

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