{instagram fun and a happy home here!!}


You know, I'm pretty spoiled with what I have. 

I really don't sit around wishing I had stuff…well, except maybe an electric cello, or a '65 mustang convertible, or maybe a maid!! (bwahahahaahha!!)

But there was a moment when I wanted an iPhone…just to have Instagram to play with. I wanted to be one of the "cool" people with great awesome photo posts. 

Well, today is the day! They finally offer Instagram for us poor little Droid users!! (btw, I adore my Droid Bionic! just sayin'…)

I haven't taken a lot of pics (too busy getting some deadlines finished!!), but here are two fun ones!



You can follow me at Instagram at sallykeller814. 🙂 Again, I'm a newbie, so be nice!! teeeheeee!!!

btw, did I tell you that I got this in the mail this weekend????


sooooo YUMMMMMY!! I adore Jennifer and can't wait to delve into this book!!! yay!!!

You can get yours same place I got mine! RIGHT HERE at amazon!

Okay, I'm off to get a tutorial ready for Thursday…ooooop…did I just say that outloud???

here's a sneaky peek!!

sneaky, huh????

I'll be back tomorrow for my BIG QUILTY reveal!!! 🙂

yep, i'm pretty happy about it! :) 

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