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You know how you will do anything for your kids??? If you won the lottery, you promise they can have anything they want? okay, maybe not everything…LOL!!

I have always loved to dress my little girlies up in beautiful dresses and finery. And I've sewn a lot of dresses in my day…well, little girlie dresses that could withstand my "not-so-precise" seamstress abilities!!

And Cora, my darling oldest, has always been patient with me…that is, until she became a teenager.

There was that year where I announced to the family "time to pick out the matching Easter Dress fabric!"  and Cora told me flat out NO!! She wasn't wearing matching dresses with me (or her sisters) anymore. 

She was pretty emphatic…


{Cora very young at a Tea Party!}

Fast forward to this year…

She went shopping a GOB to find a dress for her Senior Gala (prom). This was supposed to be the year where she was Cinderella at the Ball! But where was her gown????

She already had the shoes…

{note the shoes…so awesomely Cinderella-ish!!}

She had the Prince…

{they look so distinguished here…a little, anyway! LOL!!}

…but she didn't have the dress…

So I promised her that if we looked at all of the "cool" resale shops and she didn't find anything, we could run to Joann's and look for a pattern and I would "attempt" to make it…


after 2 weeks of "deer in headlights", a great phone call from my sister telling me all the great tips about sewing satin, and 4 days of straight sewing minus an hour here or there (seriously…only an hour here or there!!!)…

…it was created!! Yep, I was the fairy godmother…

and my darling daughter who didn't like matching dresses made by momma, stepped into her fairyland dream Gala with her prince (who btw, is wearing a matching bowtie made by yours truly!! love the Martha Stewart Bowtie tute!!), and she was wearing her gown…

and without further ado…



I love how in this pic you can see the back with the little rhinestone thingamabobs on her bodice!!


They were with such a gorgeous group of kids!! (yep, that makes me feel old…just sayin'…)


There is a rhinestone thingamabob at every tuck in the skirt…


I had to take a couple of artsy photos…

and then the guys…


and the girlies…

Cora+girls gala

*sigh* I love this wild ride I'm on with my first senior!!!

Here's a fun shot of Cora tying Nathan's bowtie…she is the expert!


Just one of the many milestones I will enjoy this spring with my graduating senior!!


If you've made it this far through my wild pontificating about my eldest child, you deserve a chance to WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

My darling friend, Julie from the Intrepid Thread (my fave online store ever!!), who I absolutely adore, is giving away a bundle of 8-10 fat quarters of TURQUOISE fabrics in honor of Cora's Gala dress!! 



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Thanks sooo much for visiting my blog and listening to me rant about my sweet baby girl!




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