{day 6 – art journaling our way to transformation!}


You didn't think I was going to do have a 12 Days run without some paper crafting, did you???? Of course not!!! I still really enjoy getting out the paper mess and creating randomly! (although my philosophical daughter argued with me the other day that nothing is really random!! Then she mentioned Jackson Pollack and that's when I started thinking about painting and then I got all lost and then I think the conversation was over!! homeschoolers!! LOL!!!)

Are you looking for a quick gift to whip up in an afternoon? Something that uses your stash??? (It could be fabric, too!!) Look no further!!


Several years ago, while "researching" scrapbooking online, I came across Rhonna Farrer's blog. Rhonna is a scrapbook designer, both digtal and paper, and a very inspirational artist! Rhonna was about to start her "21 Day Challenge". There is a belief that it takes 21 days to create a habit! (I believe it!!). Rhonna did a challenge for 21 days while art journaling through the journey! She posted a new inspirational quote every day and brought a bunch of girls with her on that journey!

This was my first introduction to digital scrapbooking. It's how I got hooked!! I was already a paper scrapper and a stamper. And I LOVED art journals!! I still do!! 

So today, I'm going to show you how to make a simple fun 21 day art journal for someone you love! Or even for yourself!! 



a mini blank notebook (I got mine from Stampin' Up!)


punch for the spiral holes (optional)

stickers, metal embellishments, vintage images – whatever you LOVE

spray ink (I used Glimmer Mist! awesomeness!!)

glue stick, glue dots, double sided tape, other adhesives

black water resistant ink

number stamps

pigment pen


Let's CREATE!!


Cut your front paper to size (mine was 5.25") and punch the left side with the spiral hole punch. Using a glue stick, cover the back side and glue it to the front of the book!


Do the same for the back cover only punch the right side of the paper! LOL!!


Using spray ink, mist the cover lightly!


You can lay something on the paper and then spray, leaving a white spot! (see above!)


add deco tape, pictures, cards, metal epherma, stickers, whatever you LOVE…notice the sheep sticker on mine!! LOL!!

Also, I love to title my little books. I used two number stickers and then wrote Sally's and days around the stickers. FUN!!! 

I also used glue dots (best invention ever!!) to place my antique buttons just where I wanted them!


For the inside, I stamped a number on each page. Because my book had twenty sheets, I stamped "1" on the opening page, then each number on the right page of the two page spread, then "21" on the last page of the book.

I used a pigment pen to write the word "day" around each number! So fun!!


I added matching ribbons to the spirals and VOILA!!! There is my journal!!

…all ready for me to start changing my habits!!

So I thought you might want to see pieces of a finished art journal…

I did this one a while ago…it is a hybrid journal – a combination of digital pages and paper with writing on it.







It's so fun to go back and read through these old journals!! I get all inspired again…


Yes!!! FOLLOW your CALLING!!! yay!!

Feel free to comment with any questions about creating your own 21 day challenge Art Journal!!



For me, this verse says it all about Christmas!! The Joy and Hope that comes from that little baby in a manger!! and because of that hope, I will praise that baby everyday more and more!!!



I know you wanted to get in on Rhonna's 21 day challenge when it comes back around!!


The cool thing is that link will take you to her page that explains it…and she has previous challenges archived so you can go back and do it yourself with a HUGE amount of inspiration!!!!

Join her on her blog for this exciting journey!! You might even see a familiar face while doing it!! (yeah, that was me I was talking about!! LOL!!) 



Ohhhhhh and in honor of you art journaling, I have to show you a couple more fun things that I'm giving away in my GRAND prize giveaway! yay!!


Yes, you see right!! Your very own mini art journal with 20 pages inside! And you get three handmade completely blank accordian mini books!!! And that cute little thing on top of one of the mini books is a fun little fabric birdie paper clip from Anthropologie!! yep…you will be hip while journaling!!! 

All you have to do to be entered to win is comment on one or all of the 12 days posts. I will count one comment per post with a maximum of 12 entries per person!! yay!!! wow!!! 

I so appreciate your comments!! And I hope this has inspired a little bit of art in your life today! 

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