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So, I was blog hopping tonight (one of my fave relaxation techniques!! even though it gets me all inspired to do a million projects!!), and I came upon Melissa's blog, Polka Dot Chair! Soooo fun! And she is doing a little Handmade Christmas Quilt Along to keep herself accountable to finish her three lap quilts for her three children! I have about 7 projects that i HAVE to get done by Christmas, so this was a perfect incentive! 

Join me in joining her!! We can be finishers…not just starters!! I believe!!

and what about this?? for the new year????

I'm in!!! are you??? Wanna join me in this monthly challenge? Not too much of a committment! Only a committment to get better at free motion quilting once a month! I'm starting my new year's goals and it's not even December yet! What????

Let me hear what you are up to!!! I'm sure it's fun and exciting!! 🙂

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    I think bettering my FMQ is a splendid idea and making a commitment todo just that is probably what I need. precut icing has certainly been on my to do ilst.

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