{we are thankful – a tutorial}

I'm super excited to bring you this QUICK banner tutorial for you tonight!!


You can whip this up in an afternoon! I promise!

Here's what you need:


1 charm pack (5" squares)

Iron on adhesive – I used Heat and Bond lite! I also love Steam-a-Seam lite


rick rack in a coordinating color

sewing machine!!

optional: computer/printer/word processing software & a light table

also optional: one sheep


That's it…Let's do this!!

Pick out the number of squares equal to the number of letters in your words in both light and dark colorways. For me, I had 13 letters in my saying, so I got 26 squares, 13 light and 13 dark!!

Using a computer and software with your desired font, print out your saying. Using the iron on adhesive sheets and a light table, trace the letters BACKWARDS!! (this is important…otherwise you will be ironing on your letters the wrong way!! eek!!)

Cut out around each letter leaving a little space around the letters.

Take off the paper on the back side of the iron on adhesive sheet. and Iron them onto the WRONG side of your DARK fabric.

Cut your letters out!! yipeeeee! they look so cool! Now place them on the FRONT side of your LIGHT fabric squares.


Love this!!

Iron them onto the front side of your light fabric!! 

***hint: if you are going to use this banner over and over again, you will probably want to zigzag around each letter to solidify it!***


***FUN FACT: I actually made this while my house was in an uproar! Since the first part didn't require my sewing machine which was close by(but space was a bit unavailable), I could do all of this in my kitchen! yay!!***


Pin the rick rack exactly where you want it on the tops of each square making sure your letters are all the right way and everything is spelled correctly!! (I checked 4 times!! LOL!!)

Sew that rick rack on!!

make sure you have a sheep watching over your sewing! It always helps!! :

and this is what you get!!!

(love this pic of Cora's!!)

all in an afternoon! LOVE!!!

Let me know if you make something with this little easy peasy tutorial!! yay!! I'm thinking up many Christmas phrases that I LOVE!!!

happy weekend!! remember, hope abounds in thankfulness!

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