{i am ever so THANKFUL}


Yes!! I am soooo thankful! 

we had a marvelous thanksgiving! The three days before were a bit hectic, as you know if you regularly read the blog!!!

Let me share with you all of the fun and excitement we experienced this last week!!


Remember this picture?


after three and a half days, this is what it became…


and what about this picture???


it became this…


pretty sweet, huh????

and this picture???


(Mr Gorgeous's man cave!!)

and it became this…



I'm saving the craft studio pics until I get a couple more of my project piles finished!! teeheee!!

but what about my living room? that room that was the "Catch-all" for the three and a half days it took to get our floors put in…(I'm going to call it the Hoarders Room!!)…

here's the before…


and here is the final project!!!


love love love my "new" house!! I'll share some more pics soon!! πŸ™‚


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!! I know that a thankful heart is what gives me the hope that makes life more than just bearable!! It makes it exciting and full of wildness!! (good wildness of course!!) 

So in this spirit, here are some pics from our family get together at our house. We had 25 people. Sooooo fun! We love to combine both Mr Gorgeous's fam and my fam together…actually we pretty much do everything together…just sayin'…

 on Tuesday, my Emma and her friend Jonathan made yeast rolls! They were sooo tasty. I was afraid they wouldn't make enough, but one batch made around 40 rolls!! They were so proud!!


Here is the turkey mid bake…this is after 3 hours of baking, and just after I took the cheesecloth off of the top!

yep, this is three pots of potatoes (15lbs) and a pot of giblets…(my fil uses the broth from the giblets for the gravy….ohhhhhh my, it's good…actually, I guess it's better if you don't know about giblets! LOL!!!)



ohhhh the man I am soooo thankful for…(had to pop that in there!!) 


the turkey carved…


yummmmy buffet!! πŸ™‚


cranfluff!!! Yummmmm!!!


I know mom loved that I snapped this pic of her!! LOL!!! and all of the food was really really yummmmmmy!!!

my brother and one of his sweetie girlies!!!

So here's a fun pic of all of us!! yay!!!!!

We took these later after my brother and his fam had left. We missed them, but we had a bit of fun with the camera timers!!

here's our silly one…(traditions die hard in our fam!)

love love love this pic!! πŸ™‚

So we had Mr Gorgeous's sweet grandmother and her dear sweetie driving from New Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with us! And they have a dear friend who didn't have Thanksgiving plans! So we invited him over to our Thanksgiving celebration. It was very fun to get to know him.

I have to introduce him, because he's an author! (one of Mr Gorgeous's goals in life!) Stephen Grimble has a book on Amazon right now called For Love & Liberty. Now I can't review it yet, since I havn't read it…Mr G started it! So I'll let you know what we think! πŸ™‚

Here's a pic of Mr G and Mr Grimble! :) 

So now Stephen is an official Keller…he's survived Thanksgiving with us! πŸ™‚


Love this vignette!! 

did I mention how much I LOVE fall???

This was us in the evening!!! πŸ™‚ crashed from the turkey!! LOL!!


counting my blessings…


I would be remiss if I didn't show off a little fabric love and fun…

I went crazy in Julie's store this last week and bought 7 different fabric lines!! ohhh yeah, baby! They came in on Wednesday…ooooooooooo…i am in love!! β™₯


I will post better pics with some ideas of what I may or may not create with these..nice!!!

Don't forget to go grab your fabrics this weekend at Julie's store!! yipeeeeeee!!!


and last but not least, for you my readers…a mini tutorial!! 

a tutorial for this banner…yay!!!

but…you'll have to wait until Sat night. I'm going to post a fun picture tutorial for you! This is perfect for you to use for Christmas time! Or photo shoots! or whatever you want to say! LOVE!!!

So I'll see you Saturday night! 

and don't forget…my 12 Days of Christmas starts on the 13th!! yay!!! a fun, inspirational way to enjoy the holiday season…with a little crafting bent, of course!!


I am thankful for YOU, my blogging buddies and community!! love ya!! β™₯

(thanks, cora keller for the first and last pic in this stream of pics!!)

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