{winner + free art smock tutorial!}

I'm soooooo thrilled to be guest blogging over on Amanda's blogf again today!

And the very, very cool part is that I'm teaching you how to make this:


Here are a couple of extra pics to share the love!!




P8051491 copy

So head on over to Amanda's blog and create one of these for yourself! yay!

(btw, I just found my Lil tucked into my bed (11:40am) watching a movie and I asked her, "are you still wearing the art smock?" She replied, as she got out of the covers, "I didn't know I had to take it off!!" LOL!!! She loves it! yay!!)


before I leave and go create in the craft studio, I must announce the winner of the Birdie/Hideaway squares challenge!

Thank you to all of the participants for all of your fun comments! yay!

So the winner is…

Laurie W.!!! Yay!! 

Laurie, I'll get these out to you right away!! yay! congrats!!

Now for those that didn't win, never fear!! I've got another giveaway coming VERY soon. In the meantime, make sure you are "LIKING" Sally's Angelworks over on FB, because I happen to know that there will be a very cool freebie tutorial on there VERY SOON!! and only fans can get it! woooohooooo!!

Happy creating!!!

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