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OHhh I'm a few days late posting about this, but I'm still soooo excited!! Check out Candice's tutorial on Amanda's BLOG. Pure Awesomeness!! And I'm going to recreate it for a friend with a little twist. Stay tuned for that one. Coming up soon!!! 🙂


Be sure and pop over to Amanda's BLOG and leave Candice (and Amanda) some lovin'!! 

So I've been laying low for a little while, getting my bearings, navigating through birthday parties, smelling the roses, hiding from the world, and praying! Do you ever make deals with God??? I just have to say that in my deal-making, God reveals even more of himself to me…His compassion, His love for me…His authority, and most wonderfully, His wisdom. 


I tend to do things to the fullest…why live life half-baked??? right??? It's a great way to live until you are doing so many things and you are STRIVING to do them all to the fullest. Then God steps in and says, "you know what, Sally? You don't have to do that full-on! You can just relax and enjoy every moment of that, because I've given it to you!!" 


So…I step back and do a little "Spring Cleaning" in my life. If you know me at all, you know that I do this about every 6 months to a year. It's a necessity…just like in our homes. We gather too many "things" that clutter our minds and our hearts. and we need to start to prune them away to make room for the things that we love…the desires of our heart that God has put in our hearts just for us!!


I love everything I do (well, laundry is still up for grabs, but I'm working on it!!)…but I need to pull back and not go at it with such crazy wildness!! I'm not quitting any teams or stopping any quilting or scrapping…but I am reorganizing what I spend my time on…

perfect for spring break, huh? now, if I could only get that bathroom cabinet cleaned out…*sigh*

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