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OHhhhhh Happy Valentine's Day!! I have 10 more minutes as I type this to celebrate! Better blog fast!!


This weekend I spent the weekend enjoying my family! I spent Saturday morning with my mom (you'll read all about that soon!!! did I mention soon??? LOL!!), and Saturday afternoon, I grabbed my girls and we went to our fave antique-y spot in Rosenberg, TX. There's a little old-fashioned soda fountain with a fun bar that we went to and had some float fun! Enjoy our experience through pics!!





Cora really enjoys making teenager faces when I take her pic lately!!


and here are some shots of the cafe…




These ladies walked in and sat at the bar close to us and started talking about how this place reminded them of the show "American Pickers"! Fun!! LOL!!


and our floats?? they were great!! and filling!!!





loved it!! she did too…can you tell??? LOL!! That's a "Thanks for taking me here, Mom!" look!! ahahaha!!

So then yesterday, Mr Gorgeous took me out for Valentine's early (to avoid the crowd…apparently everyone wanted to avoid the crowd! LOL!!!!). We had fun shopping and eating and then we crashed at our place (teeheee) and watched a chick flick (Letters to Juliet) then a "guy" movie (Prince of Persia)!! It was such a wonderful evening!! (no pics here cause Mr Gorgeous said he wasn't really into having his pic taken, so I conveniently left the camera in the car everywhere we went…*sigh*)

Today, I accomplished more than I have in a while!! I cleaned the downstairs, folded the laundry, took a private lesson in Free Motion Quilting at my LQS (more about that tomorrow when I have some fun pics to show!!), went grocery shopping, cooked a BIG fancy dinner for the fam, and decorated the table for dinner!! (we didn't really eat until 7:45ish but it was GOOOOOOD!!)…here are some pics of our table!


(i get the jelly bean gene from my mom! she always has some kind of fun candy on the table at a special dinner…actually she bought these jelly beans!!)


Dontcha just love that bowl of mashed potatoes??? we don't have them often because Mr Gorgeous is not a fan of carbs right now…just sayin'…it was a luxury tonight! YUMMMMMM…(Yes, it's the Pioneer Woman's recipe…YUMMMM!!)


and Miss WildTeenieBopper here made us cupcakes although we haven't eaten them yet…She is loving those wild teeniebopper faces though, huh???

I LOVE my family…i LOVE a great weekend with them!! 

thanks for letting me share the LOVE!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!



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