finding my voice…

I have to share an announcement about my Oscraps store


I wanted to explain out loud why I'm closing this sweet store to show you a little more of my creative process:  


Last year I had to make a tough decision to leave my Stampin' UP! demonstrator business because of a conflict of interest with my Creative Team responsibilities at Oscraps. After having a business that afforded me new crafting materials and an outlet for my creative being, I needed to replace it. My organic progression was to move to the digital side of things since I was so involved at Oscraps and had some digital designing knowledge with Photoshop. 


So I approached Vicki, the owner at Oscraps and to my delight, she accepted me as an intern and worked with me through some designing tools and protocols. So, as you know, I opened my store in January of this year. 


In preparing for different kits and getting inspiration for these digital kits, I went to the sewing machine. My creative insides kept returning to quilting. I started to research quilting and mini projects and started to really find my creative voice through fabric, stitching and embroidery. 


In June, I launched my new Etsy store. I was still so new at this creative business, I wasn't quite sure about my creative voice. I've since spent the summer starting to hone my creative voice and prioritize my work. The more I realized I wanted to up the game in the Etsy store and local craft shows, the more I realized that I didn't have time to spend learning more of the craft of digital designing. I also found I didn't have enough time to devote to leading the creative team for which I left my Stampin' Up! business. I made that decision because of the people…and I missed those people even though I was still checking in daily. I didn't have to time to interact the way a leader should…innovating new programs, ideas, processes…and just plain hanging out in the Os…


All of this to say, I'm ready to focus Sally's Angelworks even more. Obviously my family, my homeschooling and my music are a huge priority in my life. But as far as my business goes, I'm finding my voice in Fabric Arts. And being passionate about singing, I understand the "voice" thing. (I'm developing my real voice, too!! It's quite the journey!!) 

God puts desires in our hearts for a reason. I'm following those desires…and I'm dedicating them back to Him…

Thanks for listening to my story…

and thank you for walking this journey with me……

and a special thank you to Vicki Stegall at Oscraps for giving me the chance to chase a creative dream,  also for showing me direction, love and support! (I'm here for you, too, hun!!)

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    I’m so proud of you Sally 🙂 What an adventure you are on…discovering your true talents and expressing yourself in so many ways. Some things work…some don’t…that’s the beauty of learning our way through life. You are such a great example…to your family, friends, and internet pals. Enjoy every minute of your journey…learn lots and love much!!

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    What?!!! Oh Sally!! I’m sorry to see you close up shop but I am also so excited that you’ve found your creative voice with quilting and sewing!!! I know what you mean by the tactile experience of hands on vs. digital!

    Good luck in your creative venture!!!
    I know you will soar high!!

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    I get the voice thing. I have stopped water coloring for now. I have no more wall space and I need to do things that are more marketable. Sometimes I miss that creative voice, but I have many others. God just keeps leading me in different directions.
    This sums it up for me: “Art isn’t art until it’s sold. Until then, it’s an obsession and a storage problem.” –Anonymous

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    I just love you and as long as you are creating something I know I will benefit from it. LOL!! Your creative vision is amazing, both digitally and physically. I am glad that you didn’t get sucked into the spiral so many of us get sucked into of trying to do everything because we think we should. All that said…I hope to occasionally see a digital freebie or two on your blog if anything moves you digitally, but if not I’m sure I will survive.

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    It’s takes bravery to make decisions such as this, it take courage to follow through & make the changes. I wish you every success in whatever venture you choose and I know we’ll still “see” you often in the forums / galleries. Hugs, sue.falstaff

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    good on you to listen to the voice that was knocking on your door and knowing what your limits are.
    It’s better to do something well and with all your heart than to dabble in several things and not be happy.
    You can always go back if you want to.
    wish you every bit of success in your ventures, we’ll see you around and hopefully hear you as well.

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    OH you leave Digital designing ? But I hope you’ll stay at Oscraps… I wish you good luck and a lot of success for your new stuff.

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    Good luck with etsy, Sally. I’m sure you’ll be success! GBU

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    Unfortunately I don’t know you (yet) but I do want to wish you the best in your dreams and realizing them! It sure sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and enjoy what you are doing which is most important in life!
    Hug, Petra

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    dear sal,

    how exciting. you’re my hero. keep going. love you so much! tiff

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