revelry thursday…soooooo fun!!!

Today was a good day. 

I had an epiphany of sorts today when I got up. I don't know about you, but I am a great project starter!! Lately, I have had this inane desire to be a great project finisher!! So of course, you know that's why I started Finish-It-Fridays…so I would actually be held accountable. 

Well, this morning I woke up and thought, "It's Thursday…I can start as many projects as I want to!!" LOL!! With that free attitude both yesterday and today, I actually started grabbing things off of my Finish-This pile!!! 🙂 So, here are the results of my day of FUN in the craft studio!! yipeeeee!!


Okay…I whipped up a sweet little quilt today!! I adore charm packs, and I had this little birdie sitting around from where I created it for my collab digi kit with Ashalee Wall…Warm Days. So I grabbed these fabric squares from the Rural Jardin charm pack!


After I sewed the squares together, I added borders…also by French General, my new jelly roll, Lumiere de Noel.

I love to add embellishments to my mini quilts…

love buttons!!

and then I decided I needed to whip something up out of the books I checked out of the library!

I started with the Fabric Flowers…

Here's the start of my five petal flower…

I am loving those yo-yo makers!! 🙂

there's my five petal flower…and my itty bitty yo yo!!

So at this point, I decided to quilt this by "stitching in the ditch" and doing freehanded quilting on the borders…and i adore it now!!

Boy I had a dickens of a time with the binding…

if you are a quilter reading this, don't wait months to do bindings…as you could see in my previous mini quilts, I haven't been putting a binding on. So it took quite the reading and doing to get this binding on! (thank God for the seam ripper, huh?)

if you aren't a quilter…don't worry…it's all good!! 🙂

I hand sewed the binding completely on during a movie tonight, since my internet was out for 5.5 hours!! 

Here's the finished quilt…


and a close up of the binding…{adore}

and the backing! (an old damask napkin!)

  well, I hope to post my freebie tomorrow afternoon!! Be sure and check back here tomorrow for Finish-it-Friday!! Should be exciting and fun…and crafty, of course!!

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