Revelry Thursday…How to Impress your Mom…part 3…the TOP 10 list!!


Ohhhh I gotta a LOT to share and not very much time to share it!! 🙂 I spent the day today finishing up projects for this post and in the midst of it, a friend came over and helped me with a wee little surprise for Mr Gorgeous who is coming home tomorrow!! 🙂 okay…I have to fess up…it's a BIG surprise!! and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!! But I'll wait until he sees it first!! teeheee!!!

Sooooo are you ready for the top 10 ways to impress your mom this year?? 

Here we go!! hold on tight!! 🙂

1. Does you mom want to get away? Bring her over for a poolside retreat with a gorgeous pitcher of lemonade!! Add some scones (check out my tasty tuesdays here on the blog for fun food ideas weekly!!) and you have yourself a picnic!!


2. How about something a little more nighttime-ish? Try a Night In at the Movies Pack!! Grab her favorite new movie on DVD or BluRay and add some fun candy and a pack of popcorn! Wrap it with a tag and some ribbon, throw in a 2ltr bottle of coke and you girlies have your next night in!! 🙂


3. Does your mom have a favorite something something? Try this fun craft…

*Disclaimer…Most moms will love something handmade from their child…there may be moms that don't, but I think they ought to!! LOL!!  *off of soapbox now**


The cool thing about this gift is that it works fabulously for a baby!! 🙂 I just happen to be addicted to sheep and would love getting a present like this…hint, hint!!

Here are some pics of my process with this cutie pillow…all made with my stash. AND the sheep pattern was created by my great grandmother-in-law a long time ago!! Vintage to boot! LOVE this!!


4. Is your mom a cook? You should get her the new Pioneer Woman cookbook! and an APRON to go with!! :) 


5. Ohhhh what about GORGEOUS Jewelry??? I have a darling friend, Colleen with 2 Goose Studio, who has a wonderful talent for creating glass jewelry. Check out some of her things!!


and you can run to her web site and pick up whatever you need right now!! Here's her Facebook "LIKE" page!! you must like it…i sure do!! 🙂

6. Okay, so you want something a little quirky? a little artsy for your mom? This project just took me a few minutes to put together! The only time really spent was painting the frame! Check it out!! 


A lot of the epherma I used here was from Artchix Studio. And check out Jodie McNally's word art! yes, I am a true hybrid scrapper!! Here's some of the process…


7. Don't want to spend much money, but want something fun? I picked up these reading glasses (which I'm totally into!! LOVE this…after years of wearing glasses, I now wear contacts and these reading glasses are sooo FUN!!) And they only cost me 5$!! Can you believe that??? at Charming Charlie stores.


 LOVE that!! 🙂 Throw in a book or two for mom…she'll love you for your trendy heart!!


8. Ready for some inspiration? something filled with HOPE? Here is a fun idea!! Grab some scenery pictures and add some text using photoshop or any photo editing program!! Print it out, plop it on paper, add a set of acrylic covers and VOILA, you have an inspirational book for mom!!


This particular book has six pages with scriptures on them and pictures from my travels!! And will be on sale for printing at my store at Oscraps tomorrow night!! 🙂 All you need is photo paper, a printer, and some decorative paper and you've got yourself a gift for mom!! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (top right sidebar!!) as it will have a coupon for this sweet little printable book! 🙂


9. What about embroidery, you say? and quilting?? Ohhh you know me well!! I wanted to show you a sweet mini quilt for mom…I'm addicted to them. But alas, today i was running out of time!! So I found in my sweet stash this piece of embroidery my grandmother did a long time ago and I decided to frame it with fabric and create a mini quilt for my kitchen. This did not take me long at all!! and if you love embroidery like I do, you can spend some extra time whipping up your own panel. I took a jelly roll of Moda fabric, chose two strips, and sewed them on the edges. Don't forget your hangar fabric. Easy peasy!! and wonderfully vintage, also!!



10. Ohhhh the last one…and since you've made it this far, you can have this one as a freebie!! YAY!!! What would Mother's Day be without a handmade Coupon for mom? This is printable and easy to customize! Just download, print, and write what you want mom to have. I LOVE coupons like this!! :) 


Thanks sooo much for supporting Sally's Angelworks and for sticking with me with my crazy mom ideas!! 

And a special shout out to my mom who is having a special day today!! Happy Birthday, MOM!! Love you!!!


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