Finish it Fridays…Inaugural post!!!


Ohhh I have to share with you today that I am very excited to start this weekly feature on my BLOG!! Finish it Fridays!! We are going to be finishers, we are going to be conquerers, we are going to be victorious with our finishing!!!! 

Now I am the kind of crafter who needs excitement, fresh wild ideas, and I have to start new projects ALL the time!!! So this feature is an accountablity for me to finish all of the projects I can while I start new ones. I am not going to put a crazy ban on me to NOT start projects, because I know I will do it anyway…teeheee!! But this feature will help me to actually finish what I have started. 

Each time I clean up my craft studio, I find new projects that I have not finished!!! LOL!! So for today's post, I've started at the beginning. I have pictures of my craft studio as it was this morning, and then again, all cleaned up tonight!! 

Here's the general mess!! 🙂

and here it is much more organized!! (and a fuzzy pic, since it's dark and stormy outside!!)

And today, since I had just a short time to finish up a project, I chose to clean the craft studio and to mount two shelves that have been plaguing me!! 🙂

Here's my messy desk…

all cleaned up, with some fun projects to finish this next week!

Note the little white shelf under the black lamp…it is holding my fun sewing machine tools!

*sigh* i love this room!!!

My very messy desk!!!

Here is the other little white shelf on the right wall…

I will get other pictures of this wonderful room in some great natural light!


Here are some pics of my projects in queue…

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you!!! And I would love to see what you are finishing!! 🙂

Leave a comment in this post with a link to your projects, blog, or flickr!! 

And happy finishing!!


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