Revelry Thursday…How to Impress your Mom…part 1


Ohhhhhhhh we are getting close to that day…that special day in May when we pull out the stops for our dear mothers!! Our pastor always says, "Every day should be mother's day!!" I agree!!! Now if you do not celebrate Mother's Day, do not despair…this blog post is still for you!!

This is the first part in a three part series on how to impress your mom!!

Some people may be planning on getting their mom some flowers…


These are my wonderful wild antique roses that are outside. Every time I pull into my garage, I mention how gorgeous those roses are!! And they just keep blooming and blooming!! Nice!!!

 Some people may give their moms peace and quiet (by playing video games!!) teehee…

(Quentin, I really want a pedicure…just sayin'!!)

Or what about some Home Decor pieces?

Like a BIG wooden letter for her mantle? I was sure blessed when my friend dropped this off at my house when I wasn't home!! Mr Gorgeous and she made a bet as to how long it would take me to find it!! I'm not sure who won, but I saw it immediately on entering the room!! Isn't this K the best?? And the best thing is that it was only $2!! how fun is that???   



But hey…we are all crafters here, right?

well, maybe most of us anyway…

Try this fun craft project for mom:

Create a shadow box with special mementos…

I was trying to capture a bit of the South…with the cotton boll, the dr pepper, the hand crocheted doily (crocheted by my darling mr gorgeous's great grandmother Cora!), and I added more fun stuff…skeleton leaf, buttons, the illustrated letter K, a sheep and a fun quote! Ohhh and I used the quilt block that I scanned and put in my collab with Ashalee Wall, Warm Days.

P4153383 copy
"A single rose can be my garden. A single friend, my world."

Any mother would be happy to display that on their fun mantle!


Like to play with fabric more than shadow boxes?  

Here's a fun idea that I had today. After posting on my new twitter (follow me here) this morning that i wanted ideas of what people wanted to see, my darling friend Megan posted that I should do a quilt for my friend! So I did!!! I made a little mini quilt for Megan!! 

I used fabric that was lying around…


i {adore} my craft studio and surround myself with stuff i LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Then I can just grab and craft!! 

So with the big piece of muslin that I started with, I had this spark of an idea to do flowers all over this canvas…but I wanted to finish this in one day, so I pulled out…

the Big Shot!! yay!!


I brought out all of my flower dies and punched!!

I quilted the background first…{adore}

I sewed the flowers on…and dug in my sweet button bowl and handsewed those buttons on…

I had to sew the little flowers under the buttons…

give me a needle and some thread…I'm good!!

So I'm really getting into adding words to my mini quilts. (thanks, Virginia for your constant inspiration!!) And this week I have a special surprise!! The word art that I created and used I am giving away as a freebie!! yay!!!

I printed out the scripture (Matt 6:28, 30, 34) onto Stampin' UP! cardstock that matched my fabric. Then I cut it up into strips. Strips are a fun way to add texture and design to your work!! 

and how easy is this? I just added some white school glue and stuck those suckers on…

I added hanging tabs and some butterflies (punched out on the Big Shot, of course) and voila…

Isn't it so fun???

Now, I'll admit…I used two bamboo skewers taped together to hang it here, but Megan promised me she would get a better dowel to hang it with!! 🙂

Remember, you can see the pics bigger when you click on them!!

OHhh and I had to put a sheep on it somewhere…so I added a signature place on the back…


happy day, Megan!! teeheee (she loved it, btw)


So are you more of a paper crafter, than a quilter?

Then I know you will be whipping something fantastic up for your mom this year in the card department!!

         What better way than with this fun FREE WA:

and with the WA you get a printable card template…it's an 8.5×11 JPG with TWO quotes on it. All you do is print, cut at 4.5 and fold vertically. 

Here's mine (don't look, mom!!)…

I used the Stampin' Up! punch of the birdie (adore!! big time!!) and the SU! border punch at the bottom, added coordinating paper…and some Paper Crafts silk ribbon. 

Here's what I wrote inside! (okay, Mom…I may give this to you tomorrow!! teeheee!!)

I *heart* Mother's Day!!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this scripture!!

And you get it for FREE!! YIPEE!!


Don't you think every Craft Studio needs a kitty??

There's just a calming regalness about this one…love Carmel!!

Especially when he's sleeping on my beautiful library decorating books…teeheee…


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Happy Thursday!!    

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