eloise monday…gearing up for fun!!


Ohhh I kinda wanna be sneaky peeky today, but I don't know if I should!! LOL!! This weekend promises to be a fantastic, fun filled weekend!! 

But alas, we are still on Monday. 

Remember, though, I LOVE MONDAYS!! why? because they offer me a fresh start, a fresh perspective on life, and a do-over. I love do-overs…that's one of the great pluses of digital scrapbooking: the CTL-Z button!! (undo – it works in any program…yay!!)

So let me give you a couple of ideas of hybrid work.

What is hybrid, you ask? 

Well, I'm not talking about the Prius…I'm talking about crafting, of course!! Hybrid crafting is incorporating digital elements with paper elements. So fun!!!!!!!!!

So I have these two kits in my Store at the O…

Warm Days (collab with Ashalee Wall) and sally's robins egg

I took elements out of both of these kits and I created an invitation for a brunch we are having with ladies in the Houston area!

I took this invite and placed it four times on an 8.5×11 sheet in photoshop and then printed it out at Copy Max. I then cut them out and had a stack of invites to pass out at church! easy peasy!!

Cards are the easiest to do hybridly (my new word!). You can print out the front at home and cut it out and attach it to the outside of a piece of folded cardstock. 

like this…

Here's the digital part:

(adorable!! using Nina Designs' Circles.of.love kit and my new WA!!)

and the finished hybrid card:


You can do this with scrapbook LOs, too!!

Here are a couple of hybrid LOs of mine. My regular printer is giving me fits, so these are older LOs…

Watergirl (2)
can you tell what is digital and what is paper?


Now, you know me! Well, even if you don't, you probably know that I'm still into rubber stamping! I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 7 years until last September when SU! decided that they couldn't abide with the fact that I was the head of the promotions team at Oscraps, a competing site now. So I chose Oscraps to promote, but it doesn't stop me from creating with SU! products and promoting them, too!!

I have a friend, a jeweler who I am going to feature here on the blog very soon, and this darling friend had a booth at the Houston International Festival for the last few weekends. She was telling us about another booth down the street with some fun jewelry in it. She turned to me and said, she would love to buy some of the other person's jewelry, but she just couldn't wear anyone else's jewelry but her own. At that moment, I was sooooo glad that I was creating with a lot of designers' products from Oscraps, including mine!!! I love being able to promote anyone I want to!! 

Just a little background info on me, in case you didn't know…


which should segue right into the next few pics I want to show you!!!

Last week, my girls, my mom and I all went over to Bev's to stamp. Here are our projects (and these are all made with 100% SU! products):


{omgosh…i had to order those mini library clips!! adorable!!}

{this is super-fast, super-easy!!}

{love love love}    

Thanks, Bev, for a fun crafting night!!


Soooooo…I've decided to give you some sneaky peeks…

Do with them what you will!! LOL!!

oooooooooooo…these really are fun!! (for me, anyway!!)

Be sure and tune in tomorrow for Tasty Tuesdays…you can hear a saga, see some awesome potato fun, and of course, follow in my cooking adventures!!

and Revelry Thursday will contain some exciting announcements!!! 

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