Monday is my favorite!!


 ohhhhh, today is almost over and I've sure loved it!!! 


This whole last week and weekend, I've been stocking up on inspiration. I am almost filled to the gills with fun ideas! Ohhh for more hours in the day! 

First of all, for all of my newsletter readers out there…remember the inspirational tip about the library?

Here it is in action!

I'm going to share some of the books I got last Thursday when we went. 


(free is the key word here!!! click the pic to see it bigger) 

The absolutely fun thing was that I was perusing one of my fave blogs, Heather Bullard's blog, and she had a link to this cool blog called Posie gets Cozy. Sweet, sweet blog & crafter, and while I was hanging there for a second, I realized that she was the very same girlie as the author of this book I had just picked up from the library…Stitched in Time.

It is one that I am going to have to own. She has the cutest ideas in there with wonderful patterns that seem very easy to translate to the sewing machine…*sigh* did I mention i love crafting???

While I was in California, I was in a Barnes & Noble, (of course!) and I saw this book I really really wanted to buy, but it was over 20$, so I opted for the 7$ Jane Austin novel, Sense and Sensibility, which I just finished (That fulfills 1/4 of no. on The List!) So, a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for this particular 'expensive' book at the library. The librarian looked it up for me and told me it was just ordered and did I want to be the first person on the list to get it??? I was very happy to say YES!!!! (free remember!!) So last Thursday, I picked up this FABULOUS BOOK called The Cello Suites, by Eric Siblin. It is awesome!!!  I will eventually buy it, but right now, I'm enjoying it immensely!!

 You should have seen me walking on the treadmill, reading this, listening to Yo-Yo Ma playing Faure! (I haven't transferred my Bach onto my new laptop yet!! *gasp* the horror!! LOL!!) 


So let's talk a minute about digital scrapbooking…

It's Monday!! (yay!!) and time for the CheeryOs' Weekly Spotlight and this week, we are spotlighting

GILMORE GIRL (Kim!!) yay!!!


The challenge? Lift (ie…copy, be inspired by, do what she did) any LO from her gallery! and show us your favorite form of recreation. No, I did not scrap a picture of me kissing Mr Gorgeous as I would get too many TMI comments from the peanut gallery!! LOL!!! but I did scrap…here's my LO…


{click to see it bigger and read the journaling!}

Ohhhh and I have to tease you for a moment! Oscraps is turning 4 VERY SOON and there will be lots of fun and partying and craziness (healthy craziness, might i add?), and YOU can get a head start on the partying right now over in our Challenge Forum.


So, need a little more inspiration?


Here's an easy recipe for your picky eaters in the family! (that would be me and Cora!)

1 can pizza dough (found in the refrigerated section…usually dairy!)

a bag of mozzarella cheese (2 cups works)

several Roma tomatoes

fresh Basil from your garden (or the veggie section from your grocers!)

Cook the pizza with the cheese as per can instructions. Dice the tomatoes and cut the basil into strips, and put on top of pizza slices!! Don't put the extra veggies on if they won't eat it that way!

This works well for those picky eaters who don't like red sauce, tomatoes or basil or anything but cheese!!(kinda short ordering without short ordering!!)

See, Mom? I'm eating tomatoes now!! yipeee!!


We had our windows open yesterday and today…*sigh* i love spring!!

I figured you wanted to see a closeup that Cora took of Carmel!! :) 

I don't think he likes the windows open!! What do you think????


I'm going to have an extra-special post tomorrow because my darling miracle baby will be 8 years old tomorrow!! CAn you believe it???? 8!!! (that is if she survives tonight after turning off the DVR to watch Sponge Bob!!! LOL!!!) 8 years ago tomorrow my uterus ruptured and she was born dead!! yup! She's always been a drama queen!! 🙂

 I can't wait to show off fun pics of her tomorrow in her new birthday dress from our dear friend Dixie!! 🙂

Here's a sneak preview for tomorrow!!


Happy Monday everyone!!! See you tomorrow!! 🙂



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