Eloise Mondays…explained!!!


Ooooooooooooooo I absolutely LOVE Mondays!!!

If you are familiar with Eloise, you are familiar with Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight! Here is Amazon's review and explanation of Eloise…who, btw, is one of my favorite literary characters of all time!! 🙂

"I am Eloise/I am six." So begins the well-loved story of Eloise, the garrulous little girl who lives at New York's Plaza Hotel. Eyebrow raised defiantly, arm propped on one jutting hip, Eloise is a study in self-confidence. Eloise's personal mandate is "Getting bored is not allowed," so she fills her days to the brim with wild adventures and self-imposed responsibilities. An average Eloise afternoon includes braiding her pet turtle's ears, ordering "one roast-beef bone, one raisin and seven spoons" from room service, and devising innovative methods of torture for her guardians.

Eloise's exploits are non-stop, and–accordingly–the text uses nary a period. Kay Thompson perfectly captures the way children speak: in endless sentences elongated with "and then … and then … and then… " Hilary Knight's drawings illustrate Eloise's braggadocio and amusement as well as the bewilderment of harassed hotel guests. Eloise's taunts are terrible, her imagination inimitable, her pace positively perilous. Her impertinence will delight readers of all ages. (Ages 5 and older) 

Now, I don't condone impertinence, but I do condone her "can do" attitude. Eloise wakes up every morning with a zest of life that I hope I have, too!! She always uses the expression, "Oooooooooo I absolutely LOVE…" finishing with something fun like "Weenie" (her pug … see pic above!! LOL!!)

So thus begins my new Monday feature, Eloise Mondays!!! 

And this Monday, I absolutely LOVE…

MY NEW OSCRAPS STORE!!! Yipeeeeee!!!

I've put three new items in my store today!!

{sally's robin's egg}

grab it here!

{sally's angels}

grab it here!

{my collab with Ashalee Wall designs – warm days}

grab it here!

Ohhhhh and there is soooo much going on at the birthday party at the O…YOU must hop over there and check out the fun, fun, fun!!!

Here is my avatar for the birthday party…if you create one for you and post it in the avi thread, you can win a special something something from the O!!! yipeeee!!!

{yep, that's me when i was 4!!} 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's TASTY TUESDAY!!!! a new feature here at Sally's Angelworks!! yipeeee!!!

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