Revelry Thursday!!!

Well, I have about 45 minutes until Thursday is over, BUT I am excited to say there is a lot to REVEL in!!

The long awaited post about my sweet sheep quilt is here!! yipeeeeee!!! and with it, a fun book review!! and don't despair if you are not a quilter…I have a fun digi freebie at the end of this post! Stick with me here…

New hair 005 

So here's what I did…I grabbed this really cool book my friend, Chris sent me called Fuse It and Be Done. It is a fabulous book filled with ideas using all sorts of fusing techniques. I personally used it to refresh my memory about "steam-a-seam", a double sided glue (basically!) for fabric. If you are a quilter, you HAVE to get this book. It has some of the cutest ideas and easy to read instructions. And it can help you with the basics of fusable products, like it did for me!

Football cobras + park 097 

OHhh and did I mention it comes with a CD filled with templates and other fun stuff?? I used a Christmas tree template as a guide for a project I did in December!! wonderful book!! Thanks, Chris and Barbara!!

I also grabbed some fabric, Moda – of course…my passion lately; some Steam-A-Seam; and my only purchase at the Quilt Festival this past year! A pattern of cutie…you guessed it…SHEEP!!! yay!!!

Football game 7 + quilt 249 

Football game 7 + quilt 256 

Football game 7 + quilt 251 

I traced the fun sheep pattern onto the steam-a-seam; the little bodies, feet, and heads. Then I took one side of paper off and ironed the other side (the sticky side) to the fabric.

 Football cobras + park 086

Football cobras + park 091 

Then I cut all of those little suckers out! *sigh* i love quilting!!

The next part is really fun!! If you remembered to iron the steam-a-seam on the wrong side of the fabric, you get to iron that wrong side to your base fabric…I think I actually remembered to do that on all twelve of my sweet little sheep!! yipee!!

Football cobras + park 094 

So after ironing these little guys on, I sewed all of the mini blocks together! *sigh* did i mention i love quilting?

Football cobras + park 102 

  I added some batting and sewed a fun machine blanket stitch all around each head, feet and little body of all twelve sheep. That was my experimental time…very fun!! loved it! But I don't think I got a pic of it…*sigh*

After sewing around the sheep, I added a border and a backing and quilted "in the ditch"…a quilting term for sewing on the seams where you can't really see it. I then ran to my friend's house and she refreshed my memory on how to add a binding with cool mitered corners! Now, the binding is one of my fave parts of a quilt because it's a handwork part. It's calming to me…At the time of doing this binding, it seemed that everyone was sick and we kept making trips to the doctors. So i just took that little quilt along with me and I finished it in my doctor's office while waiting for my HAPPY shot! (cortisone for my bad cold!! heehee!!) I realized I didn't take a pic of me binding it, so right before I finished, I grabbed my cell and took a pic of some of the last stitches!


SO here is the final project!! a fun little quilt that cost me a little over 7$…love those charm packs of fabrics!

New hair 004

I {heart} the little black sheep in the middle!! heehee!!

So, are you this excited????

Football cobras + park 090

I had to include that fun pic of Quentin that I took while I was creating my sweetie little sheep quilt!! Do you want a freebie??? I've got one for you…

To continue with my Angel theme, I've got three goodies for you today!! yipeee!!! Here's the preview…

(I adore the felt heart!!)


{now available in Sally's Angel kit} 

ohhh enjoy my little doodling!!

Thanks for your support of Sally's Angelworks. I'd love to hear from you!! Let me know what's your favorite part in this post!! yay!! And don't forget to sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter if you haven't already to get updates on what is going on here!! 



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