Sally’s 12 Days of Christmas – a GIFT for you (day 4)

Isnt' this fun??? I am just loving this season of Peace and Love!! And today, my giftie to you is such a fun little mini quilt! I created this after being duly inspired by this awesome movie that we saw in church on Sunday. It's called the Star of Bethlehem, and it's an incredible treatise about the actual historical and scientific origin of the Star…was it a myth or was it real? Here is the web site which goes into even more depth than the movie. Fantastic reading!!

And here is your wonderful giftie today!! I look forward to seeing your LOs with these fun little designs! Leave me a link so I can leave you some love!! 🙂

Here's your preview of today's freebie!!


{now available in Sally's 12 days of Christmas kit}

Ohhh I am just having a wonderful time passing out my Christmas cheer!! I hope this blesses you…Merry Christmas!! 

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    Super cute star! The link is not working…M

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    Woot! Go Sally! 😀

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    thanks for sharing these. they’re all beautiful

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    Thank you for the gifts.

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    Thanks so very much for the email. Glad to see it’s working now. I just love this style of patchwork. Thanks for these freebies:)

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    Wow! What a beautiful star! And that link is really interesting. I’m learning a lot while visiting you Sally! Thank you!!!

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    I am sure you can hear us all oohing and ahhing looking at these great goodies. Thanks so much

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