A week of inspiration!!

Ohhhhhh it's December!! Can you believe it??? I have a lot to share with you today!! It's taken me two days to get it all photographed and edited so i can show off all of the eye candy!! wooohoooooo!!!

Let's start with a fun holiday pic!! Yes, we've almost finished all of our christmas decorating here in the house, so watch out for a lot of fun holiday LOs!! woohoooooo!! Don't forget you can click on pics to see them bigger!


ohhhh what is going on with our weekly Spotlight at OScraps????? We are featuring our new Site Creative Team called the VirtuosOs!!! Check it out!!


Soooooo here's my first LO for this challenge!!


ohhhhhhh now i have the coolest pictures!!! Guess what? I won a fun grab pack from Virginia over at Galloping Pony Studios!! Woohooooooo!! So here's some pics of what she sent me!!





so fun! Along with four bottles of Glimmer Mist (in the most perfect colors!! *sigh*), she sent a pack of stencils, chipboard, and bingo vintage card pack! And Virginia slipped some scraps of material from one of her latest projects. All of it is compliments of Tattered Angels and Galloping Pony Studios! wohooo!! love them!! Thanks, girlies!

And so I couldn't help but grab my baby girlie and create with this fun pack!! Here's what we did…we took the smallest scrolly stencil and placed it on a piece of random muslin I had laying around the craft room, and lillian picked the colors to spray on the material. I sprayed the Vanilla Breeze on one corner, and Lillian sprayed Coffee Shop on the other corner.


I then added batting and backing and started the mini quilting process which only consisted of Lillian's name embroidered in the middle and then a "crossstitch" pattern done by my phenom sewing machine…and then I printed out a mini pic of Lil (taken by studioRphotos!) and zigzAgged it onto the mini quilt!! Lillian picked out a cute button from my button box and I handsewed some ribbon on the back with which to hang the quilt. I love this!!!


Okay…so here's a fun special announcement!! (all digital designs by Holliewood Studios!!)


ohhhhhhh…you have to come and join us for our Annual Christmas Jazz Concert featuring BRT!! It's gonna be fun and festive, and we are throwing in a couple of originals to spice things up!! yup! It's gonna be fun!!


What else should I share with you??? how about my Thanksgiving quilt? ohhh and our Thankful wreath!! yes!!



Love that!! It took me three years to actually get it all put together and up for Thanksgiving…boy, I'm sure thankful for finishing this one!! 🙂

so every year at Thanksgiving I have some sort of project to help us to record what we are thankful for that year!! this year, i picked up these cutie little thankful acorns from the Hallmark store (*gasp!*) on sale, of course!!


Check out the sweet digital place cards I made using Danielle Young's turkey from her Mayflower kit!

and so everyone who came filled out a thankful acorn and attached it to my thankful wreath that I made using Club Scrap's collosal paper!!  


It's awesome!! 🙂

and for a last glimpse inside the keller house for the day, here is a pic of my one purchase to add to my christmas decorations this year!!!


When you pinch his foot, he says "For Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy…and peace on earth, goodwill to men. That's the true meaning of christmas, Charlie Brown." *sigh* i love Linus!!! 🙂

I hope I've inspired you a little today!! I'm off to scrapbook a little using some fun decorative pics I took today!! ohhhh one last pic…a fun little decoration I created a while ago, and now that it's Christmas, I've put it in my Texas tree…



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