my last few days of art journaling!!

Wow!!! I didn't realize that my weekends were soooo crazy!! So I waited to actually do all of my art work until this morning! But I did write my gratitudes out each day!! That part is the most important part for me. I also am just LOVING reading everyone else's gratitudes!! omgosh, you can't believe how your heart can be moved by someone else giving thanks with you!! 🙂 So, a shout out to all of my girlies (and guys, even if your silent about it!!) who have joined me on this journey!!

So here are my Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday pages!! (click to see them bigger!!)


Friday (all digital!!)

Art journal 005

Saturday and Sunday (on opposite pages!!)

Art journal 004

and today's gratitudes!! yay!!

Art journal 008

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