5 ways to relax…and regenerate…

1. Love

2. Pray

3. Sleep

4. Give your burdens to the LORD!!

5. and my fave…GO CAMPING!!!

Last week's trendy tuesday was replaced with CAMPING preparations!! I took my four children down to a state park last Thursday with my wonderful sister-in-law (a gem!!) and her kids and 18 other close friends!!! we had 5 different sites all close together and just enjoyed each other all weekend. Mr Gorgeous came down on Friday night after flying home from California. It was relaxing, restful, and most importantly, regenerating! Even setting up and breaking down the tent was good solid exercise that I needed. The weather was perfect…even sweating was fab…because the breeze was fantastic! I can't wait to scrap all 300 pictures that we took.

So now that you know my excuses for not posting last week, I'll give you a quick LOAD share…and let you know that tomorrow I will have another wonderful post for my trendy tuesdays!! stay tuned!!!










All of these LOs feature products by Audrey Neal…and that's my exciting news for today! I was featured on her blog today!! yay me…yay Audrey!! 🙂

Let me know what your favorite LO is!! I love them all!!!

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