stepping in for trendy tuesdays…a SURPRISE!!!

Guess what I've been doing all weekend?? Getting ready for the biggest party of the year…well, until my 40th in August!!! LOL!!!

That's right!!! is celebrating it's THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!


We have DAILY CHALLENGES to get you scrapping!!

We have DAILY CHATS to get you chatting (and scrapping!)

We have a SCAVENGER HUNT with freebies galore!!

We have a BLOG HUNT with freebies and inspiration galore!!!

We have SALES LIKE CRAZY in the OScraps shop!!!

Like I said, the biggest BIRTHDAY BASH EVAH!!!!

Here's some inspiration for ya!!!

I did the first two days' challenges…

Monday's challenge

Here's my LO for Monday:


and Tuesday's challenge

my LO:


I used FREEBIES to create these LOs…go to the threads to get them, yourself!!! wooohooooo!!! I tell ya, it's like it's YOUR birthday, not Oscraps, what with all they are giving away! I can't begin to tell you how much stuff they are giving away…well I can tell you it's over 1500$ worth of prizes!!!! INCROYABLE!!!! (french leftover from my two days in Paris!! LOL!!)

RUN over to Oscraps and play with me this week! This party goes from last Sunday to this coming Sunday! AND if you do all of the daily challenges, you are eligible to WIN the grand prize!! holey moley!! Check this out! (click images to make it readable!!)

thread with grand prize info



OMGOSH!!! can you believe these prizes?? If you are not a digital scrapper, I would take this week to learn!! how incredible!! I'm excited…can you tell???


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